Today Everything Changes!

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for.

You have planted seeds of intention. You have nourished them with your practice, living your yoga. You have worked with the secret ingredients of Gratitude and Trust in the wisdom of the universe. You have cultivated your awareness.

Now is the time of change. Now is the experience of fullness. Now is the time of manifestation.

The work with intention, gratitude, and belief continues. The practice does not end. Instead, it deepens, becoming ever more integrated until aligning with Grace is habitual, second nature.

Yet, it is not all about planting thoughts in the fertile soil of energy. You have planted so many seeds with love, devotion, and the highest intentions. Look! You have created a garden of beauty.

Abundance is the nature of the universe. Grace delights in granting your wishes. Today, the bar is raised, the evolution continued, your roots firmly anchored in the Earth, and the ascending spiral spinning to take you up, up, up!

You are ready.

Open to what you have manifested.

Recognize even the smallest blessings that have come from your own intentions.

Bless the fruits of your actions with acknowledgement and awareness.

Own your reality. You co-create it.

With the support of the universal energy, you are the master of your own experience.

Keep creating. Keep dreaming your highest visions into being. Keep working with the key ingredients of Gratitude and Faith, Intention, Alignment and Action.

But don’t just dream it, LIVE IT. Be your highest vision of yourself.

Play in the garden. Dance with the beauty of nature.

Breathe in the aroma of the flowers blossoming from the very seeds you planted.

The stars have aligned. The universe is conspiring to help you.

Today, and from this day forward, everything changes.

What do you choose to experience right now, in this very moment?

You, my friend, are magnificent!

Katrina Ariel