The World is Shifting

You have felt it in your heart. Your pulse has quickened with the signs of change.

You’ve been moved by feelings of sorrow and anger at the needless destruction wrought by desire for greed and control. You’ve been inspired and uplifted by the beauty and determination of those who are making positive change.

We’re all on this ride together. Each of us experiences these waves of recognition in our own unique ways. The frustration and elation pass, however, often obscured by the immediate needs of life. The moment moves into the next.

One thing is certain. This planet is shifting, as is the fate and awareness of each human being.

With every tree that is cut down, or each that is planted, the balance changes. Things as primary as air and water, the foundational elements of life, are impacted every single day by the choices you and I make.

I was just in the Amazon. This jungle has been called “the lungs of the earth.” I had a glimpse of the immense healing power that is contained in the seemingly endless diversity of plants there. But it is not endless. It is becoming smaller every day. The wood is sold, and cows or soy raised in the emptiness where trees should be.

Every forest on this planet is at risk. Every river and lake a precious gift so often taken for granted. I know you know this… But in the narrowed focus of every day life it is easy to forget the weight of importance.

However, even as “they” continue to pillage the earth, the people are awakening.

Even as those who have no education or concept of the consequences send waste into rivers and burn their trash, seeds of light are planted.

Every single breath you take with awareness of your true interconnectedness brings hope.

Each time you are kind to another human being you spread peace.

When you go to your mat and move with the flowing spirit within, when you offer your heart to the dance, there is a deep honoring. The vibration of respect strengthens.

And each time you choose to act in a way that helps to heal the earth, you influence the direction of the great shift of our time.

You have such power!

Sit now, in the pulsating breath and heartbeat of the moment, and imagine the world as you want it to be.

In your mind’s eye, create a healthy, balanced, vibrantly beautiful planet with peaceful people.

In your heart, join hands with the vast web of light that is working on so many levels for the greatest good of all.

This is our work. This is our legacy. We create the future together.


Katrina Ariel

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2 thoughts on “The World is Shifting

  1. Tanya Di Valentino

    Thank-you Katrina,

    I love your Doses of Delight, very sweet, sincere and inspiring. Keep spreading the love like the Saraswati that you are….
    om shanti

  2. Alexander Forbes

    Thank you Katrina,

    Today’s Dose of Delight is truly, deeply, moving. Each time we are “kind to another human being” we do indeed, as you write, “spread peace.”

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