Studying With A Master

Have you felt profoundly deep gratitude in your heart while working with a truly inspired teacher?

We are all blessed with guides on this journey of life. Every so often we are invited to study with a master, and it doesn’t matter if they are well known or nameless; it is such an honor to learn from them.

I just completed a Yoga Therapy Training with my teacher, John Friend. His ability to heal, uplift, and impart his enormous skill is internationally celebrated. The waves of what he is giving the world are universally felt by every heart in the yoga community.

I have just posted an interview with John Friend that has many insightful teachings.

If you practice Anusara® yoga, I invite you to write a little something at the bottom of the interview (link above) and share how it has touched your life.

In Anusara yoga, John teaches us that the most important thing is to be sensitive. When we can get spacious and feel that we are a part of something grand, an energy that supports us and connects us to all things, then everything gets easier and life takes on a luster of light.


Sit beautifully

Invite a spacious feeling within

Feel the waves of your breath and the pulse of your heart

Bring your awareness into your heart center

Feel the limitless light that dwells there

Expand that light so it touches all parts of who you are

Then, reach your light down to touch the center of the earth

Spread it out around you to light up your surroundings

Shoot it up into the sky and connect with the stars

Then come back to dwell in the light of your heart

And rest in the peace of gratitude for all the teachers who have helped you along the way

Om Namah Shivaya,

Katrina Ariel