Boot Camp Nutrition

“Lose Weight Easily With This Simple Plan”

7 Fat Burning Strategies To Get The Most Out Of Boot Camp, Save Time, And Look Your Best
By Casey Kaldal

How would you like to…

  • spend less time in the kitchen
  • have chocolate dessert for breakfast (and lunch)
  • Melt away body fat

And always look good and feel great?

As you read every word of this article, you will discover the super easy methods for keeping the weight off for good and loving what you eat.

In fact, I have been following this diet for years and it has kept me and others super lean.

If you’re anything like the other 20 million or so North Americans who are struggling with weight gain, chances are, you have one of the following challenges.

  • You’re underestimating how many calories you are actually eating.
  • You’re so busy with life that you’re not sure what is healthy anymore.
  • You don’t even realize that what you are eating is making it hard for you to lose weight, maybe even impossible.
  • You’re so overwhelmed with all the information out there, that you don’t even know where to start looking.
  • You have tried a bunch of diets and none of them worked.

I know that you’re so busy with your hectic schedule, family, work, bills, school… that you have no time to even think about spending hours in the kitchen or learning about all the latest fad diets.

Thankfully, diets don’t work. They are incredibly flawed.

You and I both know that the only way to a healthy body is a consistent exercise program and a long-term eating lifestyle.

Diets don’t give you that, they are an uncomfortable, unsatisfying, waste of time.

What if I told you that you could stop all your carb and sugar addictions in five days and be turned on to a new lifestyle of tasty and simple foods that will guarantee that you keep the weight off forever?

Would that be worth 5 minutes of your time to read this entire article and find out?

Look, the body is built for survival, as soon as you go on a diet, restricting your calories or going long periods of time without eating (more than 3 hours) your body goes into starvation mode, storing your fat right where you don’t want it to. Hips, ass, and arms.

Certain chemicals and preservatives in food are highly addicting and send signals to your brain that you are hungry, when in fact you’re not. This causes a trap that can be extremely hard to escape and chances are you’re eating these foods.

Unless you follow these 7 fat burning strategies it can be nearly impossible to lose weight.

Most convenient foods are lacking nutrition and filled with tons of empty calories. Your body feels undernourished, causing you to have low energy and other harmful side effects.

Also, medical studies show that if you eat the wrong breakfast, you eat nearly triple the amount of food than if you eat the breakfast that I am about to show you.

If you think that’s interesting, wait till you read what I’ve discovered.

When you learn a few simple tricks and techniques, eating healthy is both delicious and nutritious.

You can literally turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

You can eat foods that taste like chocolate desert and your body will respond with an energy boost and increased metabolism. This will help you gain muscle, which helps you lose fat.

The real trick is finding a couple meals that you enjoy eating that keep you lean and athletic looking for the long-term.

Two of the meals I eat every day taste like chocolate ice cream and they are incredibly good for me!

Here are the 7 Fat Burning Strategies that I promised you a few minutes ago.

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • Make sure all meals are low-glycemic
  • Take a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement
  • Eat a quick absorbing water based meal right after boot camp
  • Eat food that tastes good and you enjoy
  • Find the foods that your body responds best to

Your Body Is Made Up Mostly Of Water

Water flushes toxins and bad stuff out of you. It fills you up, helping you eat less calories and allows your body to absorb vitamins and minerals better. Eat foods that have high water content.

Don’t Eat Like A Pig, Graze Like A Cow

Small frequent meals stabilize your blood sugar and keep your metabolism high. What this means is you will have sustained energy all day long and burn more calories just standing around when you eat smaller meals through out the day.

The only exception is that you do not want to eat late at night. I would recommend not eating past 6:00 pm as you should be going to bed fairly early while you attend boot camp.

Don’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

Low glycemic means, carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar. High glycemic foods which you need to stay away from include:

  • white bread
  • white potatoes
  • instant oats
  • cereal
  • sugar
  • orange juice
  • bagels

and just about anything white, instant, or processed is going to be high glycemic.

These foods cause nasty problems like…

  • Weight gain
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • A.D.D
  • Headaches
  • Low blood sugar

You want to make sure you eat LOW Glycemic in order to balance your blood sugar and give your body what it needs to be healthy.


  • sprouted bread
  • yams
  • steel cut oats
  • brown rice
  • fructose
  • beans
  • Nuts

Vitamins And Minerals Are Good For You

A high quality Vitamin and Multi-mineral will help your body lose weight and tone up. Chances are, you’re not getting everything you need from your diet and for a few bucks a day you can have the cheapest life insurance on the planet.

Honestly, our food supply has diminished severely in the last few decades and our soil is depleted of crucial components.

In fact, the Canada Food Guide has now started recommending all adults take a daily supplement and they are usually the last to get on board with a pro-active approach to health.

“The revised recommendations are in keeping with evidence-based research that shows supplements are a simple, cost-effective way to promote and maintain good health and help prevent chronic disease”, said CHFA vice-president and head of regulatory affairs, Anne Wilkie.

Seriously, this is super important.

Just don’t cheap out on this. Look for a Pharmaceutical Grade (the highest grade) Supplement that has both your vitamins and minerals that you consume a couple times a day.

One-A-Day Centrum or another cheap label just does not cut it. And don’t even consider buying it from Costco or Walmart. Low quality supplements can be damaging to your health, rather than giving you the boost you are looking for.

Eating After Exercise Is Critical In Losing Weight

When you workout, your body burns fat, releases stress, and uses up your stored energy.

When you are finished with your workout you need to nourish your body quickly. You need to fuel your body so it can repair and rebuild your muscles. You want to be strong, fit and have energy.

Not eating within 15-45 minutes of working out is one of the worst things you can possibly do to yourself. I could go on and on about how detrimental this could be for your body, but I won’t right now, I will write another article on that.

Just trust me, take a high quality protein or meal replacement shake right after boot camp along with your supplements, and your results will come twice as fast.

Enjoy Your Meals

You have to enjoy the foods that you eat. Find foods that are good for you that you enjoy; foods that are easy to make and give your body what it needs.

If you despise the diet that you are on, or feel like you are depriving yourself of food then it will be very hard for you to maintain that for any length of time. Long term health comes from a long term solution. Find a program that is sustainable forever that you enjoy, and you can be sure that your results will stick around.

Eat What Your Body Wants

As you become healthy your body will start to crave really weird things.

Seriously, if I don’t eat enough greens my body will crave salad.

Come autumn when the sun goes down and our vitamin D levels drop, my body starts to crave eggs (the yolks have vitamin D).

Look, not all foods work for everyone. One perfect diet does not exist. You have to find the approach that works for you.

Katrina and I rarely eat the same meal. Our body types are different. She responds better to healthy carbs like brown rice, sprouted bread, and cooked beans. I respond better to a higher fat and protein diet including nuts, oil, and sprouts.

But we both follow the 7 Tips above religiously.

A typical day for me has 5 low glycemic meals.

I start with a green smoothie. If you don’t know what this is, you will soon see Katrina sipping on one after camp.

I then have a chocolate meal replacement shake which tastes like a chocolate milk shake along with a handful of supplements.

About three hours later I have a medium sized low GI meal, whatever I feel like eating.

I follow that later with a different shake, maybe vanilla banana, or creamy almond butter. I have a ton of recipes so it never gets old.

And then I eat a rather large dinner (don’t do this, I have trained my body really well to burn calories so I can get away with the big dinner). I really should work on this. A smaller dinner is better and easier on your system.

And remember, don’t eat dinner to late.

I hardly spend any time in the kitchen anymore…

The shakes are so simple, either blended or in a little shaker cup, and I have more time to do the things I want to do. Plus they are super affordable.

Here is how I found out about this Super Chocolate Shake…

You see, 5 years ago I stumbled across a company that makes top of line nutritional supplement and immune boosting products. Over the years they developed a chocolate meal replacement shake that I absolutely love.

It’s super convenient, tastes delicious, and gives your body everything it needs to stay healthy, lean, and energetic.

I still currently take this, 5 years later!

Eventually the company that makes the shakes, made a couple healthy snack bars that taste kinda like a snickers bar and an oatmeal raisin cookie. Turns out, they followed (and have really been an industry leader in) one of the most effective and scientific ways to lose weight, which is the low-glycemic eating plan that I just explained.

The cool thing is…

They created this 5 Day jump start program kit that comes in the box to the right that will…

  • help you kick the carb and sugar cravings
  • lose a ton of weight quickly
  • give you a long term solution to keeping the weight off forever.

The program is called RESET and is different from those unhealthy fad diets that are around, because it offers long-term solutions for your long-term weight problems.

With fad diets, you may get a quick fix for a few days or weeks, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll just gain all of the weight back that you lost – and then some!

It called the yo-yo diet.

RESET has been designed and tested by a team of world-class nutritionists, scientists and doctors to find the exact nutritional balance.

What this means is that you will drop weight and feel fantastic and can be absolutely certain that it is a safe and effective way to lose weight.

Thanks to the program’s emphasis on low-glycemic carbohydrates, beneficial fats and healthy proteins, (yes you need all of these, including the fat)  RESET supplies your body with every nutrient it needs to become a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!

And it’s not just the emphasis on healthy and balanced nutrients that has made RESET such a success: it’s the program’s ability to teach you how to permanently adopt a healthy lifestyle so you can look good and feel great forever.

When you follow this program you will be turning heads and looking better than you did in high school.

You’ll learn exactly what you’ll need to eat (and what not to eat!) so that your body can transform into how you’ve always wanted it to look: trim, healthy and beautiful.

And it gets even better…

We have a local dietician in Kamloops that we work with that has had absolutely incredible results helping people lose weight time and time again over the past few years.

She actually wrote a cook book designed to go along with this program which is an incredible combination to fat loss and healthy eating. We have cook books on hand that you can purchase from us or we can point you to many of the stores in town that carry them.

Best of all, you won’t need to do any complicated calorie counting, point-tallying or measuring out your food with teaspoons.

Before I go explain the super simple 5 day plan that guarantees that you lose weight I want to say one thing.

This is not for everyone. Some people don’t need to do this program.

  • If you are super healthy
  • If you already have an awesome meal plan
  • If you never crave sugar or carbs
  • If you love spending time in the kitchen and around the table
  • If you don’t need to drop weight

Then this is not for you.

If you want to supplement your diet with a top of the line immune boosting product or you want to add one simple shake after boot camp then I can still help you out, but you are probably not interested in what I have to offer right now.  Talk to me at Pre-Camp Evaluation and I can help you get what you need.

However, if you must lose weight in a hurry or you are looking for a long term lifestyle change then I have the perfect solution for you.

Whether you are looking for a 5, 30, or 90 day nutrition plan, the first step is the 5 Day Reset Program from a company called USANA.

And because you are enrolled in boot camp, I have a super special bonus just for you.

First thing, RESET is super simple to follow!

For the first five days on the RESET program, all you need to do is replace your meals with USANA’s nutrient-packed shakes and bars while your body adapts to this new simple approach to weight loss.

  • You’ll lose those first few pounds within days, thanks to the supercharged nutrients in USANA’s meals.
  • You’ll curb hunger pangs and unhealthy cravings, since your body will no longer crave necessary nutrients that fad diets viciously cut out – and since the RESET program is composed of low-glycemic carbohydrates that prevent your blood sugar from spiking, you’ll feel vastly more satisfied and energized!
  • You’ll be set up for maintaining a permanently healthy lifestyle, since RESET teaches you how to achieve your optimum health.

What fad diet can possibly do that??

Watch This Video To See RESET Changing Lives

Let’s face it – If you need to lose a few pounds then RESET is that first step towards achieving the healthy lifestyle that you’ve always been longing for.

  • You DESERVE to wake up each morning feeling energized and ready to take on the day.
  • You DESERVE to be able to play with your children or power through your day without running out of energy or feeling short-winded.
  • You DESERVE to look your absolute best without having to sacrifice your wallet or your sanity to expensive fad diets!
  • You DESERVE to eat food that tastes great and is good for you.

While USANA is a world-renowned and celebrated health brand, the price of the RESET program is affordable!

After all, USANA believes that a happy and healthy lifestyle shouldn’t just belong to the rich and famous.  It’s every person’s right to achieve the healthy goals that they’ve always dreamed of…

…and USANA’s revolutionary RESET program is determined to do just that!

Because you have just enrolled in Boot Camp I want to show my appreciation for your big step forward. You see the RESET program retails for $165 which is a pretty good deal at $6 a meal. And that’s including the most comprehensive supplement pack on the market!

But because Katrina and I order so much USANA for personal use I usually get 15-20% off of my products, and I want to pass those savings on to you because I know you are committed to becoming healthier.

I always make sure that I have a few on hand before boot camp starts and…

If you commit to taking action today I will let you have the RESET Kit for the same price I pay, which is only 137 bucks, and I won’t even charge you the $10 shipping fee.

How Cool is That?

That’s saving you 40 bucks. Take that money and put it towards next month’s boot camp or save it for the new clothes you are going to need to buy when all the weight starts falling off you.

But, last time I checked I only had 3 kits left for this camp…

Remember, this 5-day supply is going to help you to drop those first few pounds!

In fact, the average user of the RESET program sees an average weight loss of 4.5 to 5 pounds within the first week alone!

Just imagine the compliments and admiring glances you’ll get just by losing those stubborn five pounds!

For $5 a meal, you can finally lose those stubborn pounds that have been plaguing you for weeks…months…maybe even years.

You can finally achieve the lean and trim figure that you’re always known you could have, because the RESET program is the ultimate key to your future success story.

For only $137, you can start living a healthier lifestyle while being an inspiration to your family and friends.

But the important thing is…

That you get started right away.

Do this while you are motivated and already taking action about looking and feeling better.

  • Think of how incredible you’ll feel to finally achieve your optimum health.
  • Think of how amazing you’ll feel by finally getting off of the weight-loss yo-yo and back on the track towards success.
  • Think of how exhilarating you’ll feel when you have tons of energy – not to mention confidence to spare!

When you order USANA’s RESET Kit, you’ll receive everything you need for 5 days including the following:

  • 15 Nutrimeal meal-replacement pouches (in Chocolate, French Vanilla and Wild Strawberry);
  • 5 Peanut Butter Nutrition Bars; (Sort of like a snickers bar)
  • 5 Oatmeal Raisin Bars; (Sort of like grandmas oatmeal raisin cookies)
  • 5 AM/PM HealthPak 100 packets (Top of the line supplements)

For only $5 a meal, RESET is a delicious and affordable way to get a jump-start on your new healthy lifestyle!


When you order Reset today and take advantage of this great deal I know you are committed to losing weight and will schedule a 15 minute phone consultation with you as soon as you are done the 5 Day Reset Cleanse.

This will be so helpful in keeping you on track and successful in keeping the weight off.

You’ve been struggling with failing diets for too long.  It’s time to give your body and your mind what it deserves…the very best products from USANA, the renowned leader of the health and wellness industry!

It’s time to take charge of your life and achieve your maximum health potential…

it’s time to order USANA’s RESET program today and get started losing weight!

Here is how to get started.

Yes! I am ready to take back control of my weight and my life in only five days…

I know that I may experience extra confidence and a lot of attention from friends and family when I drop those stubborn pounds.

I am aware that after the 5 days, USANA has a long term approach to healthy weight loss and I can move to the next phase if I need to.

I understand that when I order the 5 Day RESET Kit for only $137 (value $175) I will receive:

  • 5 Delicious Chocolate Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement pouches
  • 5 Delicious French Vanilla Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement pouches
  • 5 Delicious Wild Strawberry Nutrimeal™ meal-replacement pouches
  • 5 Peanut Butter Nutrition Bars
  • 5 Oatmeal Raisin Bars™
  • 5 convenient AM HealthPak 100™ packets filled with maximum nutrition
  • 5 convenient PM HealthPak 100 packets filled with maximum nutrition
  • A Reset Guide, DVD and Fridge Magnet (which could hold up your healthy shopping list for your Low-Glycemic meals after you finish the 5 day program.)
  • 40 bucks off with free shipping!

Whether you need to lose 5, 10, 20 or more pounds, the RESET program can help you reach your desired weight, looking and feeling good.

All you need to do is order the weight loss kit today and we will have it waiting for you at Pre-Eval, and you can start Boot Camp and a healthy diet all at the same time.

But You need to act quickly because I only have a few left.

Order the Reset Program Today Over Our Safe and Secure Server!

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And remember…

We have longer term plans that to go along with this, but Reset is the first step in achieving long-term weight loss.

PS. Early morning workouts + a healthy nutrition program are a sure fire strategy to looking good and feeling great!