Juliette Looye: Wisdom and Insight

julie“Julie is an amazing practitioner! Her calm strength and loving guidance have assisted me in deepening my connection with the Akashic Records. Her ability to help me get to the core of an issue is truly amazing. I am always able to see so much more information about why things are they way they are and release my attachments to them. I’ve made great strides in clearing very deep issues with Julie’s support.”

—Kim Clancy
Park Ridge, Illinois

Juliette Looye (loyYAY) began studying the Chinese art of feng shui in 1994. After applying its principles to her home and achieving some very powerful results, she decided to become a feng shui practitioner. She began her training with her Chicago mentors, Paula Lund and Gunn Hollingsworth. Then she went on to complete the Successful Feng Shui Practitioner Mentorship, a 13-week intensive led by David Kennedy, a direct disciple of Grandmaster Lin Yun, the leader of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism (BTB) school of feng shui. Since completing her mentorship, Juliette has been conducting feng shui consultations for private residences and businesses throughout the Chicago area. She also has used her experience as a classroom teacher to lead numerous feng shui classes and workshops.

After her very first workshop, Juliette was approached by a representative from Allied Van Lines and was asked to write a brochure for their 2002 National Moving Month campaign. The eight-page brochure,
Moving with Harmony—the Feng Shui Way, was so well-received that it won a Silver Trumpet Award and prompted Allied to feature it as the centerpiece for an expanded campaign in 2003. During that campaign Juliette was featured on Allied’s Web site and conducted e-consults for homeowners Moving with Harmony Brochure
around the country. In addition, she was interviewed by real estate expert Alan Heavens for his weeklyPhiladelphia Inquirer column, and she was the featured guest on “The Real Estate Hour,” a weekly radio show on KERN-AM in Bakersfield, California.

As an outgrowth of her study of the energy of color, Juliette developed a line of feng shui jewelry and crystals, which are sold in several stores and boutiques in Illinois. Three of her feng shui bracelet styles were sold in the Holiday 2003 edition of the Femail Creations catalog, and another style—a chakra bracelet—has been selling in the catalog since the Holiday 2005 edition.

In April 2004 Juliette appeared on the ABC7 News in Chicago to discuss her jewelry and crystals with Linda Yu, Sylvia Perez, and Tracy Butler. In January 2005 she appeared again to speak about “Using Feng Shui to Start the New Year Right.” In November 2006 she appeared again to discuss “Holiday Feng Shui: Stacking the Deck While You Deck the Halls.”

In addition to her feng shui certification, Juliette holds a Masters degree in Education from National-Louis University and has been writing and editing educational materials for children and adults since 1981. From 2002 to 2004 she wrote a monthly feng shui column for All for You magazine, and she wrote the book Feng Shui Essentials: A How-to Guide for Creating the Life You Desire for a feng shui course that she developed and teaches.

What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are a vibrational field of consciousness that contains a record of every thought, word, and action that your soul has ever experienced. As such, the Records can help you obtain a much deeper understanding of your life.
When Juliette had her first Akashic Record reading, she cried through almost the whole thing. For the first time ever, she felt completely understood. Her Akashic Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones knew her—they gother—and best of all, they were always with her. She would never feel alone again. After that extraordinary experience, Juliette wanted to read the Records for herself. So in January 2002, she took Linda Howe’s Beginning Class and began a relationship with her Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones that grows stronger every day.
The Akashic Records have enriched Juliette’s life in myriad ways. She has worked in the Records to do readings for herself and others, to analyze the feng shui energy of homes and businesses, and to write a feng shui book and almost 50 children’s books. Juliette is also a certified teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process to Access the Heart of the Akashic Records.

For a listing of her upcoming Akashic classes, and more information on Juliette’s services and beautiful crystal jewelry, visit her Feng Shui and Akashi Record website.