Special Guest Authors

In the interest of variety, and diving into the mystery and wonder of life, I have invited some of my esteemed friends to contribute to this blog. We can learn so much from each other when we open our minds and really listen, and I have learned from every one of the guest authors I include in my posts.

To introduce you to these wonderful people, I’ve given them each their own page so you can explore who they are and what they do. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you if you find what you’ve read intriguing, and you may even be drawn to working with them in some way.

tarafindlay-smallTara Findlay – Tara is one of my dearest friends. She ‘adopted’ me when I was at a low point in my life and showed me what it is to be a wild and empowered woman. Tara and I both became yoga instructors around the same time, and have supported each other on our interwoven paths in life. We have also co-instructed yoga workshops. Tara is also one of the most talented massage therapists gracing the planet with her healing presence, and a rising star of a life coach!

julie-smallJuliette Looye – I’ve known Julie for, wow, something like 20 years! She was first a friend of my mother’s but has become like a big sister to me. I call her the ‘Wise Woman’ in my life (although I am blessed with many), and my work with Julie in the Akashic Records has been tremendously freeing and life changing. One of the things I love about her is how authentic and down to earth she is, even while she reaches into the records of the soul. A truly amazing woman.

DeniseHoldenDenise Holden – Every time I’m with Denise I feel drawn to spend more time with her; to delve into the realm of her deep knowledge and sweet character. A holistic nutritionist, Denise brings her smiling hearted perspective and intuitive wisdom to empower her ‘self healing’ sessions which guide you into harmony with your nature. She has a strong connection to plants, and I am ever so curious about her plant spirit healing sessions. From nutritionist to shamanic practitioner, she draws on many aspects of healing to help people be whole and happy.

johnstringer-smallJohn Stringer – Just thinking about John makes me smile. We were smiling at each other across a conference room before we ever met. John is a musician and all around good guy. He also has a unique connection to Source which he brings through and posts on his blog each morning. A truly inspired offering.