The Sacred Temple of You

This video and meditation help you re-connect with your own magnificence.

Think of a place you consider sacred.

It could be a cathedral, a forest, a mountain, a temple… Perhaps it is your favorite river bend or a corner of your backyard. Maybe you’ve made a pilgrimage to a holy place of personal significance.

With the idea of this sacred place in your mind, consider how would behave there. What thoughts do you have? Does the way you move change? How do you feel and act when you are in sacred company?

The respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness we use to honor that which we consider sacred are equally as appropriate to apply to ourselves. Perhaps even more so.

You are an embodiment of divinity. The essence that holds the universe within itself also holds itself within you.

This temple of spirit, your body, is absolutely worthy of the most humble honoring. Your mind is a profound and brilliant mystery. The sanctuary of your heart is truly sacred.

The following mini-meditation helps you shift your perception of yourself to align your thoughts with the true sacred nature of You. Perhaps it will help you align your actions in a way that is totally life honoring as well.


Align yourself with the thoughtfulness given to the structure of a sanctuary

Open up to the blessing of your breath

Feel the winds of Grace move through you

Open the window of your heart, and watch the light within brighten the temple of you

See the sparkle of every curve and thought form, the shining of your own stained glass beauty

Hear the singing of angels in the choir of your mind

Taste the cleansing nature of the pure essence of you

Give in to the humble call, the song of gratitude that wells up with the profound presence of ancient redwoods kissed by the sun.

And now, as you sit here in this most sacred temple, gently change your entire existence by shifting your perception of yourself to claim your birthright.

You are a sacred being.

Blessed be,

Katrina Ariel


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