Purnatva: A Yogic View On Perfection

ArdhaM01In the minds of most people, perfection is an unachievable yet oft reached for thing, yet with this perspective that I learned from Anusara® yoga, stress and anxiety can melt as you shift your perspective.

You hear the term ‘perfectionist’ and it conjures images of someone who is constantly striving for every little detail to be ‘just right’, and quite possibly affecting innocent bystanders (family members, friends) with their slightly neurotic behavior.

Sound like someone you know? Maybe you?

This idea of inaccessible perfection tends to cause a lot of unneeded pressure and worry.

But there is a different way to think of perfection.

The Yoga of Purnatva

In yogic philosophy there is a concept called Purnatva. It is this fullness, or ‘purna’, that is the essence of all that is. Abundance is the nature of the Universe. There is a deep order underlying even the most chaotic situations.

Purnatva describes the perfection that is the essence of all things. Because Spirit is so full, so completely perfect, there is no such thing as imperfection.

What does that mean for you? Well, it’s quite nice, really.

You are imperfectly PERFECT! Just as you are.

Now, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you to grow and change and create and explore within your perfection, it just means that there is nothing lacking in any moment.

This can be a hard concept for some of us to fully accept, yet acceptance itself is the key.

When you accept the fact that you are full of the goodness that is the essence of everything, you come to the realization that since you are an expression of Spirit, you are also an extension of the perfection that is Grace.

Here, try out this video for further explination:

Overcoming Anxiety By Changing Your Idea Of Perfection

We tend to stress ourselves out a lot by making things harder than they need to be. Some of us have such high expectations for ourselves that there’s almost a self-abuse happening in how hard we are on ourselves.

It just doesn’t feel good.

The great thing is, you can change the source of the anxiety and feelings that come from that self inflicted pressure. How?

Shift your perspective of perfection. Allow each moment to be perfect, AND still be open to the unlimited possibility for change. By moving into an acceptance and belief that each moment is exactly as it needs to be, the pressure evaporates.

So any time you feel like you’re not perfect, don’t sweat it. You are. Imperfectly Perfect in every way. You are full to overflowing with light and abundant goodness.

No worries. It’s all good. 🙂


Let the Sanskrit words for fullness and perfection be your mantra, and internalize their resonance so that you feel your own completeness and resplendent nature.


Sit with a beautiful posture.

Turn to the beauty of your breath.

Be spacious and receptive to the gifts of the mantra.

After a few breaths, repeat these words to yourself for a few minutes.








And continue until you feel a true shift.

When you are ready, finish with an OM.

Notice how you feel.


  • You are most welcome to share your experience with this mantra and idea by commenting below.

2 thoughts on “Purnatva: A Yogic View On Perfection

  1. A timely article for me. Thanks Katrina. I find myself being a little hard on myself as I’m making a decision, one of those forks in the road kind of decisions, than I need to be and your gentle reminder has come at the perfect time. Namaste. from Sandi, a recovering perfectionist.

  2. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I totally understand. It’s a whole lot nicer to not be hard on yourself. Makes life more enjoyable for you and everyone around you, eh? 🙂

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