The Power of Your Will: Olympic Inspiration

climbing-victory-summit-39060466Every person who does something great does so because they choose it, and the world class athletes competing in Vancouver, Canada’s 2010 Olympics are excellent examples.

But it isn’t just the elite few who can harness their Will to become something great. All people can do this, including YOU. On some level, you make a decision to give your best to the situation at hand. You will it to happen.

Watching the Olympics, you see athletes who inspire you and invite you into their lives. For example, you can’t help but feel a connection to Alexandre Bilodeau, the first Canadian to win Gold on home turf, because he won that gold medal for his brother Frederic who has cerebral palsy.

And then there’s Lindsay Vonn from the USA who won a downhill skiing gold despite an injury, doing part of the course on one ski to favor her sore leg!

And Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo who won the gold in figure skating, after putting their marriage on hold, living in separate dorm rooms to train for their dream.

Yet even the people who finish last in their races and events have worked SO hard an followed their dreams to the Olympics. They remind us that each person’s dream and effort is important.

Empowering Yourself – Harnessing The Will

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.” So the saying goes.

Your Will – that which drives you – is POWERFUL! It can bend the world to your needs and guide you into alignment with that which allows you to live your dreams or do what needs to be done.

So many stories are told of people overcoming great challenges and achieving unbelievable feats – the Olympians are excellent examples of this.

But what does it mean for you?

Well, if you truly want something enough, you can apply your Will – your Power – to make it happen.

The trick is to make it so meaningful that you rise to overcome any obstacle in your way.

This is what shapes people to become greater then they realized was possible. This is how people you admire came to be admired.

Of course, your reasons for wanting something count as well. If you’re reaching for your highest dream because it’s something that brings you joy and therefore uplifts you and the world around you, the universe will conspire to help you. If your motivation is of lesser ethics, say greed for example, there may be some repercussions on that.

You can reach for the stars of wealth and fame, but WHY do you want what you want? That’s what you need to know. Is it to have the freedom to laugh and help people and influence the world to become a better place? Or is it simply for material gain. (Having expensive toys isn’t a bad thing, it’s just important to get clear on your deepest motivation so you know why you’re doing something. This feeds the Will.)

Having inspiration is exceedingly helpful. Maybe an athlete inspires you, or you have a teacher who keeps you motivated. Perhaps a favorite movie gets you going – yes, fiction can be the spark of something great.

Maybe your motivation is the feelings of true freedom and contribution that you feel when you’re in your element, doing what you love to do.

Whatever it is that motivates you, keep your sights on it. Remind yourself daily what your intention is, and apply your Will to everything that you do.

Go for your own personal Gold – that which calls to your soul – and by the grace of goodness that pulses in life, and through your own powerful Will, you will attain your heart’s highest wish and deepest desire.


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