There are Many Paths

Do you notice the grand glittering structure in its camouflage of daily life? Do you hear the undertones of laughter and delight as you experience yourself and others? Can you be conscious of the path you walk, both literally in the physical realm and on every other level?

You are unique. Completely unique. There has never been another exactly like you, nor will there be. This means your perspective is so special, so totally your own, that it is a cause for celebration.

The concept that offers itself for understanding, here, is that each and every one of us is special. We are all experiencing the universe from a different lens, and in a different way. The uniqueness of every being also speaks to the preciousness of individual expression and choice.

Which means that you get to choose how you learn, evolve, and activate your awareness. Your path of discovering yourself and carrying out your purpose is unique to you. And that is wonderful!

The other part of that wisdom is that every other person’s path is also just as worthy, and just as wonderful, because it is what is right for them. We each have guides, and can act as guides for others, but ultimately, there are an infinite number of ways to journey through this experience of being.

Can you honor your chosen path, AND honor others by allowing them to enjoy their own adventure? Simply choose to do so, and you will find your perspective broaden, your experience of tolerance and peace deepen, and you will more consciously live the sacred nature of this grand game.


Take a few minutes right now to…

Get up! Stretch in whatever way feels good to you. Breathe more life-breath into your body and being.

Now, for the rest of the day, I invite you to live this wisdom. Honor your own path and choices, as well as others. Let go of the idea that things have to be done a certain way, and delight in the freedom that simple allowance brings.

With gratitude for the joy and infinite possibility of life, Namaste.

Katrina Ariel


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