What Is Your Path To God?

buddha-god“God is in glue?”

Me: “What’s God?”
Mom: “God is everything.”
Me: “You mean God is the table? The bed? The cat?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Me: “God’s in glue?”

I remember this conversation with my mom. I was very young, maybe 4 or 5. We were sitting at a miniature table doing crafts or something, and the topic of God came up. Now this is my fuzzy and probably oversimplified recollection of it, but the basic idea still holds.

That was basically the foundation of my own personal belief system. God is in the glue. God IS the glue, that which holds it all together and lets it all fall apart to be renewed.

Infinite Paths

Is even possible to count the vast number of philosophies and methods of finding God (or Supreme Consciousness, or whatever word you prefer to use for that indescribable source energy)? Really, it must be expanding every day.

Each heart feels its own connection, each mind interprets differently; your own experience of what you believe is unique to you. Though there are definite distinctions and many rich traditions of belief systems, there are infinite variations dancing within and outside of them.

Yet you’re never alone. Isn’t that nice?

Even if you’ve jumped around between dozens of belief systems searching for the parts that made sense, or perhaps walked one line of faith your entire life, there are others that feel very similarly.

So, no one person’s approach to the universe is exactly the same, and yet you are always in good company.

What I find really wonderful is that, though are there are infinite paths, they all lead to the same source. Though some may be easier or more enjoyable than others, who am I to say what is right for someone else? We all learn at our own pace and in our own way.

A Patchwork Quilt

As a young girl I pushed away from religion. It was almost a reflex like a two magnets repelling each other. I really didn’t like anyone telling me what to do or how to live my life, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t out of kindergarten yet. So with religion at that time in my life I missed the essence of it and just rebelled against the institution. It took me a very long time to be able to soften my resistance and look for the good, or to even see, hear or say the word “God” without it carrying excess baggage.

But I was always seeking my own path to spirituality. Though I got lost in the dark plenty of times (especially as a teenager), I emerged into the light with more resolution and strength because of it.

Now I’m happy to be in a place where my own beliefs are so supportive and liberating that I can venture into other traditions, even the most seemingly narrow approaches, to appreciate what they offer.

I had always thought of my personal belief system as being a patchwork quilt of sorts; a little of this, a little of that. And now I have a name for it.

The Divine Tapestry

The philosophy that informs Anusara® yoga is an uplifting, non-dualistic Tantric web of wisdom. Tantra can be defined as a tapestry; woven threads that pull together a whole and beautiful picture created by the myriad perspectives that are life affirming and based in goodness.

Tantra embraces everything – it says “Let’s take all that has come before, amalgamate it, keep what works and then innovate.”

I didn’t realize that’s what I’d been doing growing up, but it sure is nice to know it has a name, a method, a foundation rooted in ancient soil, and a worldwide community.

For more on this philosophy read my article on the Yoga of Tantra

Further Exploration

Finding equanimity, comfort, and a feeling of deep trust in whatever you believe is such a blessing. For when you realize your own faith without fear of being shaken, you have the freedom to look at what others are doing.

Why is it helpful to explore other philosophies? Well, partially because that’s how evolution works. And also for the sheer curiosity and discovery awaiting you.

We can learn from everything. If you believe that even the most difficult experiences in life carry with them a gift, then that logic would also say that all other ideas also have something to offer.

What I love is when I discover something that adds to what I already hold true in my own heart, and this is my intention whenever I share philosophy in my teachings; that it will enrich your life by connecting with the truth in your heart.

Today I came across a series of articles about the Kabbalah by Jay Michaelson on the Huffington Post. Though I hadn’t before studied this philosophy, I am now intrigued. There are many parallels drawn between the Kabbalah and the Tantric vision that makes sense to me, so I look forward to learning more.

  • What about you? What paths and teachings have led you to where you are today? Can you suggest another avenue to explore in the realm of religion and spirituality that might bring with it a new realization? Please share by commenting below!

8 thoughts on “What Is Your Path To God?

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Thanks Tom. So glad you find value in what I offer. Hope to see you back soon. Blessings!

  3. How grand, the Divine Tapestry!

    For me it’s the Love Of God shown daily to me, sometimes I have to remember to look and see, cuz it is here for my taking daily and giving daily.

    As well it’s believing for me, it’s believing and partaking of the amazing death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

    Wow, how grand the Love Of God My Father!

  4. That’s so sweet, Sharleen, thanks for sharing. I particularly like the part about remembering to look and receive that which is already there for you. Beautiful. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the guided MEDITATION FOR WORLD PEACE. I appreciated the ability to close my eyes and, little by little, create the powerful image that you helped me create. The connection of the light from all points of the globe into the earth and then out was powerful, as were the words that described them “saturated” and shining out like a “galactic star.” Very nice visualization I can recall frequently in the future. Thanks!

  6. Oh, you’re so welcome! This is one of my favorite visualization meditations, lighting up the entire globe and then shining out into the universe. Very powerful for sure. Enjoy it. 🙂

  7. God created all and is in all. He is beautiful and His beauty is in everything. We do need to stop and look to see it. But how can we, as creatures, have a relationship with Him? Isn’t that the real issue? We don’t really want to just see beauty, but to interact with it. “Religion” is a result of the efforts of flawed men, but there is truth in it: The Christ came and conquered death, He died that we might live; He lived so that we might have access to and relationship with The Almighty Creator, who called Himself “I AM”.

  8. I like this: “We don’t really want to just SEE beauty, but to interact with it.” To realize that all is one, that the beauty IS you, that is a very high teaching.

    Thanks for contributing your thoughts!

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