Passion and Compassion

Do you know the feeling of living in a heightened state of wakefulness? How great is your desire to live in an extraordinary way?

One of the gifts of life is passion. When you connect to that place within you that is curious, creative, and enthusiastic, you feel wildly alive. Passion is a great motivator, a powerful force that breathes magic into what could otherwise be considered ordinary. When balanced with compassion, the openhearted caring for others, passion can drive transformation, innovation, and tremendous healing.

There is an aliveness that comes from living your dreams and holding space for others to do so in whatever way is best for them. Letting each have their own bright, brilliant, multi-colored experience from the deepest call of their hearts is such a gift of empowering kindness. Can you grow spacious enough to do this? I know you can!

Engage life fully! Live well in wakefulness. Choose to do what you love and love what you do. Play and explore. Devote yourself to the call of your heart with the balance of awareness that your unique gift brings light, beauty, and a more complete fulfilment to the experience of others.


Get still and quiet.

Sit attentively, with a posture that glorifies who you truly are.

From the inside create more space for your breath,

Then watch the inner dance of inhale and exhale.

Bring your awareness to your heart center.

Acknowledge the infinite energy and potential within.

Expand your awareness inside this heart space.

Ask yourself, “What is my deepest desire?”

“What am I most passionate about?”

“What do I love? What makes me most happy?”

“What can I do that makes me feel very much alive?”

Be receptive to the answers that come.

Be grateful and open to the possibilities of You.

Breathe in this fertile spaciousness for a while.

When you are ready, write down the ideas that showed up.

Then, nurture your passion with wholehearted compassion. Let shine your unique light, and by doing so you brighten the way for others as well.

Carpe Diem!

Katrina Ariel


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