Lesson Four: Opening to Abundance and Joy

“Happiness is part of who we are.
Joy is the feeling.”
― Tony DeLiso


Abundance and oneness is the nature of the Universe.

We forget this sometimes, falling into the illusions of lack and feeling like there isn’t enough, or we’re not doing enough, or we’re alone in the world.

In yoga this idea of scarcity and separateness is called Anava Mala. The “Malas” are like veils–illusions that often derail our best intentions.

However, when you practice yoga and weave a perspective of Oneness into your life, it is much easier to see past the illusion of lack and isolation into the truth of abundance and joy!

Yes, it definitely helps to open up your physical body and your breath, so that you can receive more feelings of fullness, wholeness, and ease.

Getting on your mat, moving around, and tuning into your breath go a long way in shining a light past the illusions so you can access your heart and brightest experience of spirit.

You can also find a great deal of transformative power in the practice of being open to see the abundance you already have, and finding gratitude here and now. And when you choose the feeling of happiness over the feeling of hardship, life is a whole lot more sparkly!

Here is a message I received along these same lines:

Lesson Number Four:

“The best thing you can do, dear one, is enjoy each moment for what it is. There is enormous wisdom in this. How? By allowing yourself a spaciousness, by releasing the self-induced pressure, by trusting that each moment holds everything you need right now, and that the Universe has everything else covered. Do what comes naturally, and give yourself permission to let go of the struggle so you can show up for the dance!”

Or, to put it another way, open up to your inner child and live in joy and wonder!


The night of April 30th and day of May 1st (Beltane or May Day) is traditionally associated with fertility, abundance, and dance. You might take this time to receive, in your own way, these elements of life’s natural flow.

Quotes inviting Abundance and Joy:

“Keep your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens”
― Tony DeLiso

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.”
― Sarah Breathnach

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
― Anthony Robbins


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