Online Yoga Classes, Videos, and Courses

Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in my online yoga videos, classes and courses!

They’re coming…

Lots of videos and high quality yoga courses are all coming your way so you can bring more health and happiness into your life while you deepen your understanding and practice of yoga.

I just have to finish publishing my book, Yoga for Dragon Riders. Then I can start releasing the excellent offerings I’ve outlined below.

You see, I wasn’t planning on writing a book. It just sort of happened…

In fact, from the moment the idea appeared in my head to the end of the first draft the book only took me 19 days to write!

You can learn more about my book by clicking here: Yoga for Dragon Riders.

Online Yoga Classes, Videos, Courses, and DVDs

I have a number of projects in the works and they’ll be ready very soon, so keep your eye on this page for the following products.

Each of the video courses will be available online, and I’m planning to have them as DVD sets as well. Here are descriptions of what you’ll have to choose from:

  1. Yoga Foundations (Six Week Course): If you’re a beginner to yoga or want to understand more fully how to align optimally, you’ll love the clear, simple progression of my upcoming 6 week Yoga Foundations Course. It’s a guide to lay a groundwork that feels complete, comfortable, and connected. From here you can explore and play in more intermediate classes, which is incredibly fun!
  2. Yoga Class Videos: My upcoming Membership site includes class video archives and brings you new classes each month.  I teach a Deep Healing class that pulses between active stretches and restorative yoga, and a wide variety of Align and Flow classes for all levels, from sweet and therapeutic to spicy and challenging.
  3. Exploring the Power of Integrity (Ten Week Course): I also have a series called “Exploring the Power of Integrity,” which is a 10 week immersion into the Yamas and Niyamas, the guiding principles of living in harmonious relationship with yourself and the world around you. This is an awesome way to bring the ethical foundation of yoga into your life in a way that creates enormous freedom by ‘breaking the rules’ so to speak, and transforming them into natural virtues of the heart. The course includes over 20 yoga practices that help you embody these teachings so they naturally guide you on and off the mat into the joy of your heart.
  4. Yoga Boot Camp for Women: If you want to get your workout on, you’ll be excited about the upcoming Yoga Boot Camp for Women series. This course includes epic, intentional, super playful workouts informed by the alignment and awareness of yoga, which is incorporated into every aspect of the program. This is something I’ve designed specifically for women, and gives you a powerful way to build strength, create more energy, and integrate the benefits of yoga and exercise together.

Have you heard the Yoga Radio show yet?

I host an international weekly Yoga Radio show on the VoiceAmerica Network that brings yoga to you wherever you are. You can listen to it online, you can download mp3s or podcasts, and every week you’ll get relevant ways to use ancient wisdom in your every day life.

What’s really cool about Yoga Radio is that we can connect. You can call in or send me your questions during the show, and it gives us a way to interact, anywhere in the world.  I also have amazing guests, and some who you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be giving you insight on yoga.