My First Day of Fitness Boot Camp: Get Ready, Kamloops

60512144It’s barely 5am, it’s dark out, foggy, and I’m wondering if I’m a little crazy as I drive through the dark streets of New Orleans to my first day of Fitness Boot Camp. I have another month or so here, and I’m determined to be in the best shape ever when I head back to Whistler in April, then on to Kamloops in May.

The program is called an “Adventure” New Orleans Boot Camp for Women, and I’m thinking that part of the adventure is the whole waking up at 4 something in the morning and actually getting your self there. I’m not alone, though. There’s at least another 50 women here with me.

But it’s fun! Sure, it’s really hard, but I like it!

My boyfriend’s friend, Jonas, runs the boot camp. It’s the most successful boot camp around, and it’s giving me ideas to run something similar in Kamloops – heavily influenced by yoga of course.

Jonas keeps telling us we’re just getting warmed up. Even when the class is more than half way over. It makes me smile.

He’s making us keep moving, giving orders, counting reps. His commanding voice projects through the small area of the park we’re in so that everyone can hear him. He’s making me work really hard. And then he stops by the woman next to me to check on her and his voice is so encouraging and caring. I grin wider.

I like pushing my boundaries. It’s fun to have someone tell me what to do, and make me work harder than I would if I were doing it on my own.

It’s the same thing with yoga; when I’m with one of my teachers I realize that my capacity expands and my practice deepens. I try new things and realize my edge is further than I thought.

crescentThe most difficult part, for me, is the long holds. I suspect they’ll become easier as we go along, but then again, Jonas will probably make it harder as we gain endurance. It’ll be good for me, the next time I’m with John Friend and he holds us in Warrior pose for what seems like forever, I’ll be that much more capable.

What’s really great is how GOOD this makes me feel. I’m awake, I’m alive, I’m breathing and moving and sweating, grinning all the while.

I have to admit, last night I didn’t think this was such a good idea. There’s some silly subconscious trigger that thinks “Uh oh, we’re about to do something new and scary.” And I think the intimidation factor went up when I set my alarm for 4:15am.

But it’s awesome to feel this much energy; to be awake at this powerful time of day. My dear friend Robert is a surfer in California and he wakes up before dawn every day so he can catch some waves before work. He inspires me with his dedication.

It’s funny, just before we finished the class this morning Jonas said “get ready for your mile test,” and I psyched myself up to run a mile. Then we’re stretching and all of a sudden he says “okay, that’s it – you’re done.”

Can you believe I was actually a little disappointed that we weren’t running a mile then and there? What do you mean, it’s over?

I like the idea of a fitness boot camp. I like that I’m making a commitment to myself to do something that will make me a stronger person in many ways. Hey, getting up before the sun every morning builds character!

And with all these ideas going through my head of blending challenging yoga with kick-ass fitness exercises, get ready, Kamloops. We’re gonna have some fun!

Find out more about the upcoming Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp for Women, and enter to win a free week of boot camp.


4 thoughts on “My First Day of Fitness Boot Camp: Get Ready, Kamloops

  1. This sounds awesome, Katrina! And I love the play by play description. Great writing and glad you are enjoying it. Almost makes me wish I was a woman living nearby to enroll in Kamloops! lol I can def. relate to that subconscious trigger telling you “Uh oh..,” as can many others! How did/do you deal with that when it pops up?

  2. P.S. just a thought.. are you recording (Video) the Kamloops Bootcamp? Could be a neat online/on-demand product and/or dvd if that fits your goals.

  3. John,

    So glad you enjoyed the story! It’s Day 2 and I’m sore after this morning’s workout, but doing yoga has definitely lessened it.

    As far as the “Uh oh” intimidation factor voice in my head, I get through it by turning to the truth I know so fully inside. Everything really is okay, I’m totally taken care of, and this world is an invitation to PLAY. Hmmm… Maybe I should just write another blog post to answer this. Yep. Here you go: Day 2 of my Boot Camp Fitness Stories – Getting Over the Intimidation Factor.

  4. Maybe a DVD… I’m thinking a super intense, whip you lovingly into shape DVD. Good idea. 🙂

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