Moving Forward and a Change of Heart


Isn’t it wonderful that, as human beings, we are able to make mistakes, feel, learn, reconsider, and be brave enough to try again?

We’ve all made quick reactions that we wish we could re-do, or said things in ways that maybe could have been more skillful, more soft. But I don’t think we’re meant to do everything the “right” way every time.

If we didn’t make mistakes, we wouldn’t grow. Uncomfortable situations make us stronger, wiser, and more flexible.

I mean, look at yoga! Most of those poses aren’t easy, and can be awkward especially when you’re starting out. Yet when you don’t give up, keep practicing, and believe that you can learn, amazing things happen.

I’m very happy to say that Shaylen, the owner of Let’s Move Studio, contacted me this weekend and offered to come to an agreement that we both hope is in the best interest for the students who attended Let’s Move specifically for my classes.

This makes me feel good for many reasons:

1) It transfers the credits for students who wish to continue classes with me so there is no need to worry about class cards, refunds and whatnot. Just show up, roll out your mat, and take a deep breath.

2) We can move forward. There’s closure. I like that. All I wanted in the first place was a smooth transition and a space conducive to my teaching, where students can feel safe and go deep into their practice.

3) Conflict makes me feel icky. But this was a valuable opportunity for me to practice something that has long been difficult in my life: “Don’t take things personally.” I’m still working on this.


I want to take a moment here to honour every single individual teacher for sharing their passion and caring, as well as the studio owners and teams, and the spaces themselves (Let’s Move, the Yoga Loft, Kamloops Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, the Mind Body Connection, our new sanctuary at St. Andrews on the Square, and all the other rooms and buildings that hold space) for helping people to move, breathe, and connect with who they truly are.

We’re all in this together. We all need to let go of stress while bringing more happiness, health, play, peace and empowerment to their lives. And every person who teaches yoga, fitness, dance, movement, and any other modality that contributes more harmony to the world is needed. And to you, the students, I bow.

So. Moving forward now. From the heart!

Let’s do yoga.

All love,



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