Bringing Yourself Back ~ Meditation for Wholeness and Harmony

Photo by Nat Anfield

Often this is because we tend to spread ourselves out energetically, focusing on so many things at once or sending thoughts out to different places.

The good news is that this is pretty normal, and you can collect that scattered energy back into yourself.

One way is to simply take a deep breath and intend that any parts of your energy or awareness that have gone travelling please return now.

You can also extend this intention into a beautiful meditation…

Mini-Meditation for Wholeness and Harmony:

Take a beautiful seat.

Pelvis rooted, heart lifted brightly.

Allow your breath to naturally deepen as you turn your focus there.

With each exhale, allow anything that is not in the present moment to melt away.

With each inhale, draw your own energy and awareness into yourself, calling back any scattered thoughts or energy.

Feel yourself become more and more conscious of the movement of your breath and your mindful presence in the now.

Feel your energy become more full, more complete—returning to your natural state of wholeness and harmony.

Feel yourself shine like a star with all of that energy concentrated in one place, and naturally radiating light outwards without loosing any energy or potency.

Keep breathing slow and deep, allowing yourself as much time as you’d like for this meditation.

You’re beautiful. Truly. Allow yourself to acknowledge your own beauty and light.

You’re a shining star!