Meditating Under The Catalpa Tree

meditation-catalpa1Each morning the first thing I do is to go sit out under the Catalpa tree.

I arrange myself on my red, heart shaped plush pillow, wrap myself up in blankets, and close my eyes.

Now you might be imagining this beautifully landscaped, clean, picturesque scene. You can go with that if you’d like, but the reality is that there’s a half falling over wood pile behind the tree, garbage and recycling bins next to it, and a wooden bench that really needs refinishing on the other side.

I don’t mind any of it. It’s the tree I want to be with.

The fresh, crisp morning air feels so good as I breathe. The birds sing. The tree’s canopy glows in the morning sun. It really is a beautiful way to wake up.

I sit there, and my mind tries to be helpful by composing articles like this one, singing me songs or reminding me of things to do. It’s like an over eager, well meaning young friend. I patiently watch it with one part of my consciousness, but there is another part of me that goes deeper.

I follow my breath into this place in my heart. I like to think of it as the sanctuary of my soul. It’s very spacious and peaceful there.

At some point I invite my mind to join me in that spacious soul space, and this little, happy, childlike voice in me says, “Hi God.”

A vast, loving, totally content presence answers back “Good morning, Katrina.”

From there meditation becomes easier.

My awareness dances between the flow of my breath, the pulse of my heart, the acrobatics of my mind, and the limitless feeling within from which came that simple yet profound “Good morning.”

All the while there is the presence of the tree. She (it seems like a she, though I don’t know if trees do the whole gender thing) stands behind me, her roots in the earth beneath me, her branches spread out above me, heart shaped leaves and long seed pods dangling all around.

The tree feels like a friend. She likes it when I come sit under her, when I kiss one of her leaves to say “Good morning,” or when I admire her from further back so I can see her shape and color more completely. Her beauty enhances the quality of my meditation and my life.

There is a presence that I feel in my meditation, and I’m certain it’s the tree. It’s a part of nature that I can connect with on this level of being open and sensitive. It’s very comforting, kind, accepting, sweet.

You can do this too. Any tree will do. Or even a plant you particularly like. Each will have its own vibration, of course, but I think there is an element that they share; an ability of nature to nurture, to love, to care for those who choose to pay attention.

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13 thoughts on “Meditating Under The Catalpa Tree

  1. Hey Katrina:
    Loved your story this morning and it’s inspired me to find my own Catalpa. Not too sure how pleasant it’s going to be in the middle of winter thoguh. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful story! Thank you!

  3. Hello Katrina,

    This is so sweet, I have a beautiful exotic tree looking at me with breaths of wonderment.

    nature is so amaazing



  4. In the winter I find it much more comfortable to tune in with the plants in your house, or even the earth herself – honoring the cycles of nature in whatever way feels right for you. 🙂

  5. You’re so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  6. Nature is indeed amazing! I love your wording “breaths of wonderment”. I totally get this. 🙂

  7. I have not meditated outside since I’ve moved to Kamloops. When I lived in White Rock we would practice yoga on the beach early in the morning – enjoying the sunrise, the ocean, the seagulls – the peacefullness and serenity was awsome – it was the most wonderful experiences of my life. There is a yoga studio in the Laurantians/Quebec, and they do yoga and meditate outside weather permitting.

  8. There are definitely certain places that resonate with me more strongly than others and call to me to meditate, practice, and play outside. At the same time, it has been very rewarding for me to find the beauty wherever I am and take to heart the blessings that each element of nature offers.

  9. Very beautiful! Right on. 🙂 Thank you for this.

  10. So glad you like it. 🙂@Scott

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