Laughter and Wisdom from the Universe

How do you tap into the consciousness of the Universe? The methods of divine communication are endless. Sitting still in meditation, truly listening to a friend, hearing the heart song of a bird, letting in the light of the sun, delighting in the sparkle of snow, heeding the inner voice of intuition, being a witness to the waves of emotion you experience as a human being…

When you do your next yoga practice, tune in to the messages that come. When your effort creates expansion, what do you learn about yourself and the nature of your experience? When your thigh is smoking in Warrior II, or your hamstrings scream-singing in a forward bend, can you be light hearted and breathe love into it? Can you laugh with the ever changing adventure of life?

One of my favourite things is called “Notes from the Universe”. You can sign up for them at Here is one Note From the Universe:

“Never yet, not once, have you ever smiled at a stranger, said “sorry” to a friend, or bowed to the glory of nature, when sparks didn’t fly, tears didn’t roll, and praises weren’t sung for you behind the curtains of time and space. You’re like spiritual chocolate.

All hail YOU!

The Universe”

So there you are – a direct message from the good humoured Universe that is sure to brighten your day.

Until next time, open your ears to hear the laughter and magic messages that are constantly being offered to you.


Katrina Ariel


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