About Katrina Ariel

I firmly believe that we each have unique talents and it is the fullest expression of life to nurture and share them.

My love of yoga is balanced by my passion to deepen and celebrate life through my own personal practice and to share what I know so that others can find happiness and health as well.

With established roots in the wisdom of ancient tradition and innovative methods of alignment and delight, I teach from the heart. My classes are playful and profound. I teach Anusara-Inspired yoga that is fun, therapeutic, challenging, nurturing, and serve to guide your practice into a creative expression of you!

I also offer Private Yoga Therapy sessions, which empower you to heal yourself through individualized knowledge of optimal alignment. Contact me to inquire about Yoga Therapy.

I continuously participate in trainings with some of the most skilled teachers in the world, including Anusara® yoga’s founder John Friend, Elizabeth Rainey, Denise Benitez, Desiree Rumbugh, Amy Ipolitti, philosophy professor Douglas Brooks, Deepak Chopra, and countless others who are shaping the way we practice being human.

Traveling frequently, I call BC, Canada home in the summer and spend time New Orleans during the winter.  As I explore other parts of the world I continue to teach using the web of connection that is the internet. I offer free yoga and meditation, as well as videos and a consistantly expanding variety of writing and other media.

If you’re looking for a skilled yoga instructor in your area, visit Anusara Yoga‘s website to find one.

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  1. Hello Katrina,

    I went to a lovely satsang with you last Fall Equinox… Any plans for the Solstice? If so please let me know and If not, Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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