Illuminating Tony Robbins

tony-robbinsCan you think of someone who has changed your life with their presence or teachings?

Honor them today.

Personally, I find that my own depth of gratitude and understanding grows every time I take the time to honor the people who have inspired me.

Today I offer you insight from my notes taken while listening to an interview with a man I greatly admire and respect; someone who has changed the lives of millions: Tony Robbins. <= click the link to read the article.

I laugh when I hear Tony speak because so much of what he teaches is in alignment with the philosophy of Anusara® yoga and other schools of living with integrity and joy.

I’ve written an article for you where I present Tony’s enthusiastic teachings on How To Be Hugely Successful By Helping People (my words, not his – but there’s plenty of quotes in the article).

Even if you don’t read it all, just go in for one nugget of insight and apply it to your life.

You’ll learn about the 6 needs that drive every human being, and then realize how special you can make people feel if you recognize these needs in your relationships. Also included are the 3 Pillars to Progress and Mastery, and 2 Master Lessons in Life.

Always keep growing. Evolve with each gift life offers you, no matter what its appearance.

  • Do you have someone you look to for insight and positive influence? Please share one thing you’ve learned from them by commenting below and illuminate this teaching for others!