The Holiday Challenge

Do you want to start off 2011 trying to work off the ten pounds you put on over the upcoming holiday season? Or do you want to bring in the New Year feeling stronger, healthier, leaner and more energetic than you do right now?

I’m guessing you choose the slim, happy, toned option above. I know I do.
And I’ve got a plan I want to share with you to do just that. Here it is:

Step 1.) We make a commitment to each other. We stay true to the following outline and hold ourselves accountable by supporting the group.  Simply enter your name and email below to join!

Step 2.) One day of the week you can eat anything you want. All day long! So if you want to have a big breakfast or you have a party or gathering or what have you, you don’t have to eye all that luscious food and deny yourself the enjoyment of indulgence. Go ahead, ENJOY it!

Step 3.) The day after your feast, you eat SUPER CLEAN. This means eating less calories than you would normally eat, and eating mostly fruit, veggies, and protein shakes or meal replacements. Drink lots of tea (preferably herbal) and pure water. This is an important part of how you can get away with the feast day.

Step 4.) Eat sensibly the other 5 days of the week. Stick to whatever approach works best for you, but make vegetables the main element of your meals and be smart with your portions. Eat until you feel satisfied but still feel light.

Step 5.) Exercise EVERY DAY. Even if it’s a short workout, or two or three short bursts of exercise throughout the day. Make sure you get your metabolism going first thing in the morning and before each meal. Check out this blog post about boosting metabolism.

So, are you in? If this sounds good to you, fill out your info below to make a commitment:

Feast days! We’ll earn them by working out and build strong muscles to devour all the calories.

I hope you’ll join me  – I’m committing to this too!