The Heart’s Song (Poem)

Maha Shivaratri is here, and so it is a fitting time to go far into the Infinite.

Then again, any moment will do.

This poem is a contribution to the unending number of voices that turn their focus to the divine. It has a likening to Rumi, a tip of the hat to The Fionavar Tapestry, and a soundtrack of hope-bright harmony.

I hope you enjoy it.

The Heart’s Song

The most essential truth of all
Is made of Light
of Fathomless All
wrapped in Oneness
Infinite and Unending in Its expansion.

I am this.
As are you,
As is our beloved planet,
And all her children
And the Glory of the stars.

Breath weaves us . . .
Threads every branch and root,
Each heartbeat held
by the Heart that
Holds us all.

Each expression, every facet of
the Glittering Jewel
That holds within it
Universes of universes

swirling . . . dancing . . . becoming

Each individual Spark is
Unique and Wanted
Worthy and Whole
Beloved in its brilliance

And is asked to do one thing only:

your Heart Song.


Written by the hearth by the hand of Katrina Hokule’a Ariel.


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  1. Beautifully expressed, evoking the beauty and possibility of all existence. Thank you!

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