Healthy Recipes

What you put into your body counts.  And it definitely influences your yoga practice.

Even the action of choosing foods, preparing a meal, and eating can be done with awareness. Yoga is everywhere.

This section is for you to offer goodness to others, and pick up some ideas while you’re at it.

Please participate by adding a comment below with your favorite wholesome recipe.


3 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes

  1. Post Author Katrina Ariel

    Scrumptious Veggie Sandwich


    Sprouted bread
    Celtic Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper
    Fresh basil, cilantro, or any other fresh herbs
    Feta Cheese

    Mash the avocado with a fork and spread on both sides of the bread – this way you don’t need mayo or other condiments (though you can add them if you really want).

    Slice up your veggies, sprinkle a small amount of Celtic Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper, and cumin on the avocado, then dress your sandwich with as many veggies and herbs as you’d like.

    Variations: Swap out the avocado on one side for hummus. Get creative with other veggies.

    Dynamite Addition: Sautee onions and garlic in olive oil and add to the sandwich. This’ll push the delicious rating through the roof!

  2. Post Author Katrina Ariel

    Super-charged Smoothie

    This one is a great way to wake up your body!



    In a blender, add strawberries and one or two bananas, a little bit of water (just enough to help it blend) and top it off with a healthy handful of spinach. A tasty ratio is 60% fruit to 40% greens. Blend and enjoy!

  3. My Favorite Breakfast:

    1/2 cup of sprouts (alfalfa are my favorite)
    1 Apple grated
    Juice of Lime

    Optional add on’s
    Grated carrot
    Walnuts/ Sunflower seeds
    Parsley Chopped fine

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