Healing Meditation for Japan (and others in need)

As our dear planet goes through what I like to think of as labor pains during the birth of a new age on Earth, many people are affected.

Earthquakes, flooding, fires, and other ways that Nature moves and clears energy have been happening more frequently and on larger scales.

When you send blessings out to the people, animals, and areas of Earth that are in need, you do a great service and it makes a difference.

Blessings are energy and light.

I invite you to take a moment to center in, breathe, and bathe yourself in a sense of peace and light.

Then send healing blessings out to the many places that need it right now:

New Zealand
The Middle East
and all others who are suffering.

May all beings be happy and in good health.
May all who need help receive it.
May our beautiful planet find stability and peace.
May all of Nature be in harmony.
May we choose to live together in love, joy and peace.

This video is a sweet healing meditation for Japan, which is about 5 minutes long:

Om Shri Gaia Ma, Purnatva Gaia Ma