Healing the Earth: Meditation for the Gulf

My friend, the Smokey QuartzMuch of the world has turned its healing focus on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Below is a video where I lead you through a mediation for healing the Gulf, and the earth, as well as brightening your own heart.

The oil spill is a microcosm, showing how detrimental some of our human practices can be, and awakening a massive motivation for change. Using intention and visualization, you can send powerful light to the oceans and the earth – this has been done in many ways and makes a great deal of difference.

This meditation was ‘given’ to me by a great Earth Healer; a giant Smokey Quartz crystal. Crystals contain great wisdom, and this particular crystal is a very powerful healer with depth and far reaching insight.

I asked it to give me something to offer as healing for the Gulf Oil Spill that I could share with you, and yesterday – at dawn on Summer Solstice – I put it on video.

Below the video is the transcript of the meditation I was given.

Please visit my mom’s blog if you’d like a local view on how the Gulf oil spill is affecting New Orleans and Louisiana. You may also enjoy her very informative and engaging book, Why People Live in New Orleans. (I’m on the cover of the book, sitting in a tree, playing guitar.)

Gulf Oil Spill Earth Healing Meditation

Imagine clear waters and vibrant life.

Dolphins swimming joyfully in the pristine flowing ocean.

Picture the oil coming together into little black crystals that fall to the ocean floor and lay shimmering in their rainbow colors.

See the ocean life happy and grateful for the light you are sending.

Light up your heart, pure and bright. Feel your whole being filled with light.

Create a vast light of healing to surround and penetrate the oceans, the earth’s crust, the veins of oil, and deep down into the earth’s core.

Breathe this light more vibrant and lasting. Stay with that image for a little while.

Anchor this healing light and intention with powerful words of peace and healing.

Om Shanti Shakti Ma

Om Shanti Shakti Ma

Om Shanti Shakti Ma

Write these words, and the word LOVE, and the word JOY, into your light workings on the ocean ripples of light.

Let your healing be a great gift to your own heart.

Know that your contribution makes a great deal of difference.

Om Shanti Shakti Ma.

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5 thoughts on “Healing the Earth: Meditation for the Gulf

  1. Lovely meditation Katrina. You are a gift to all.

  2. Thank you.

    Many blessings.

  3. Dear Katrina,

    A prayer from the heart is powerful connection we can make in helping heal the ocean life that is currently suffering so much in the Gulf Of Mexico. The meditation you share with us is a divine loving prayer!Sometimes it is hard to find words and actions when we see so much pain and death at the Gulf. Lighting up our hearts and sending that light to the Gulf to help in the healing is one very powerful true intention that can be manifested around the world! We are all connected by a divine light that exist in all beings from nature to humans. And when the light grows from caring, and supporting, miracles can happen.

    Thank you so much for this heart meditation!

  4. Abel,

    Yes! Miracles DO happen. All the time. Thank you so much for participating. 🙂

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