Happiness In Times Of Turmoil

ocean-meditationAre things that bad?

Well, on one hand, yes. There are wars being fought, economies collapsing, governments totally dropping the ball, morally bankrupt corporations that have way too much power, and a very real need to nurture our environment.

On the other hand, there are more people at this time than ever before who are raising their awareness of how we’re all interconnected, and how important it is to act in accordance.

We’ve reached critical mass of positive people; people who are choosing to live in ways that reduce their harm to the earth and others. In fact, we’ve surpassed critical mass. We’re the new wave of global, multi-generational citizens who have decided it is time for change.

“So is it possible to be happy in these chaotic times?” Yes. Definitely.

But being happy doesn’t mean ignoring what’s going on. On the contrary, actually DOING something about some of the problems the world is facing is an important step to happiness. Because when you’re actively involved in making things better, you can rest easy knowing you’re making a difference, even if it’s in seemingly small ways…

Step One – Remember that we’re all connected. What’s more, the fathomless energy that created this complex phenomenon we call life is intrinsically good. At our very essence, we’re all goodness. It’s just that some people have forgotten this fundamental truth. It’s okay. They’ll eventually remember again.

Step Two – Increase your awareness. Do this on many levels. Meditation is a key part to happiness and peace of mind. It helps you stay in your center even when you encounter things that are disturbing. Also, increasing awareness means knowing what’s going on in the world, both the amazing changes that are reshaping things for the better, and the devastating events that are pulling in the opposite direction.

Step ThreeDo something. Sometimes the appropriate thing to do is to simply get on your yoga mat or sit for meditation. You can breathe peace into existance in this way – it’s very powerful and effective. Yet there is also a time for making noise, spreading the word, and actively participating in change.

The following video contains very important information about women’s rights in Afghanistan. It’s really behind the times there. Truly, something needs to be done about this, and one of the most critical things is for people to KNOW about it. If there isn’t awareness it can simply be ignored, and that isn’t acceptable.

However, before you watch the video, center in with this Mini-Meditation:

Sit beautifully, with your pelvis grounded and heart lifted.

Take a deep breath, soften your face, and come into your heart.

With your awareness on your breath, remember this truth:

We are all One. And at our essence we are all good.

And, no matter what, everything will be okay.

Take another deep breath, and enter the sanctuary of your heart where peace lives.

Stay there for a moment.

Now, create a bubble of light around yourself. Nothing can harm you, and anything you see that is sad or disturbing can not shake you. Rather than anger or sadness, feel a soft empathy, and a desire to help. You are completely anchored in light.

Listen to the voices of these women. They have a story that needs to be heard by the masses.

You want to do something to help them, don’t you?

(By the way, if you came out of your center watching the video, just do the mini-meditation again. One of the most powerful ways to shift the world into harmony is to stay steady in your own loving light.)

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Send your friends a link to this article so they can not only watch the video, but know how to keep themselves in a place of equanimity at the same time. Send this to all the women in your life, and even to the men. Tweet it, Facebook it, Email it, and otherwise help people know that this is going on.
  2. Get the film, RETHINK Afghanistan, and arm yourself with the power of information.
  3. Watch the RETHINK Afghanistan documentary with others, and watch this education motivate people. This movement will spread like wildfire with you behind it.
  4. Dedicate your meditation or yoga practice to this cause. While you stay in your center, you can also send out super focused energy to fuel the needed change so that these women and women around the world have basic rights and can live in dignity.
  5. Be GRATEFUL for what you have. If you’re a woman, give thanks for the blessings that you have. If you’re a man, give thanks for the women in your life and your ability to support them with your respect and kindness.
  6. Share your thoughts below by posting a comment if you feel moved to do so.

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