Growing Your Own Food

One of the most important considerations in your health is the food you choose to eat. And not only what kind of food, but where it comes from and how it was grown.

For some incredible inspiration, watch this amazing short video about a community within the city of Milwaukee that is making huge change by growing their own food:

Growing your own food is perhaps one of the most rewarding things you can do when it comes to how you eat.

Why? Because you get to practice nurturing a plant, and then that plant nurtures you. The perfect reciprocity is powerful!

When you garden or farm, you can choose to use compost and other organic nutrients to give the plants what they need. You can watch the plants drink in the sunshine and give them good water (like the rinse water from growing your own sprouts.)

And you don’t need a lot of land to grow at least some of your food. You can plant herbs and lettuces in containers – even inside during the winter as long as you have good sun for them. If you use a small section of yard, you’d be surprised how much you can grow in a little garden.

You may also have a community garden nearby, or you could start one! This is a wonderful way to strengthen community, enjoy gardening, and inspire others all at the same time!

Another idea is to plant edibles in with flowers and other plants. My parents have just started some rainbow chard which they’ll put in their flower garden. It’s such a beautiful plant that it’ll fit right in, and then they can just go out and pick a few leaves for their green smoothies in the morning.

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