Want to Fly?

What is the ultimate expression of freedom for you? To me (and I know I’m not alone) freedom conjures up images of standing with my arms out, heart lifted and open, head back, smiling at the beauty of the world.

This gesture echos the open winged flight of birds. Flying seems to be the ultimate expression of freedom. Don’t you feel like you’re flying sometimes, when you’re riding the high points of the waves of life?

The two main purposes of yoga are awakening and freedom. Freedom and awakening. This is why we do the myriad practices. This is what we dedicate ourselves to. This is what yoga promises to infuse into your life if you are devoted and open to experiencing it.

Freedom and awakening are shimmering in each breath and dancing with you on your path through life. They are your constant companions, even when you forget they’re there. They are always beckoning you, “come, Dear One, deeper into the joy of the Self where your spirit knows no boundaries”.


Sit with exquisite posture.

Offer the weight of your pelvis respectfully to the earth.

Invite your inhale to grow your spine taller.

Lift your chin ever so slightly until your head feels perfectly balanced.

Become spacious from the inside like a wide open sky.

Watch your breath move.

From the inside, just with your intention and inner body, spread your wings.

Feel your heart lift naturally.

Picture yourself as your favorite bird soaring high up in the endless blue sky.

Glide on your breath like you’re riding currents of sweet scented breeze.

Breathe yourself completely into the feeling of freedom.

Fly high!

Katrina Ariel

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