Magic In The Earth: Findhorn’s Nature Spirits

findhorn-gardenI was in my local art gallery organic café one day and picked up a curious book published in 1975. It’s called “The Magic Of Findhorn” by Paul Hawken.

Now I’d heard of Findhorn before. I had a preconceived notion of it being a idyllic intentional community and retreat center in Scotland, but I didn’t know much about it.

The book called to me. You know the intuitive pull your heart puts out when something really resonates? That call. So I picked it up, read the first page, and promptly asked my friend who owns the café if I could borrow the book.

Over the next week or so I somehow created time in my silly busy schedule to read the book. I was so totally touched by what I learned that I decided to share some of it here with you.

Findhorn is a community in the North of Scotland where people and plants thrive spectacularly in a ridiculously harsh climate. That’s my condensed version of it anyway.

The founders started Findhorn following divine instruction and intuition, working with love and admirable faith. They created fertile gardens in sand where nothing, according to horticultural science, should be able to grow. As word about the miracle gardens spread people were drawn to Findhorn from all over the world.

Here’s how they do it: they communicate with the spirits, elements, and guardians of nature. They listen to messages that come from the energies of specific plants and the voices that whisper from the organizing energies of the natural world.

If that’s a little difficult for you to understand, it’s okay.  Just see what you get from the following very short history of the earth. Most likely you haven’t considered it this way before.

As you read this, keep an open mind to the possibility of it, and simply notice how you feel in your heart (not your analytical mind) as the story unfolds.

This description of how life on earth formed is an excerpt from pages 194 & 195 of “The Magic of Findhorn” by Paul Hawken:

“The earth, once white and molten, represents a thought. It was a fire in the heavens, glowing as a sun, visited by the Deva of the Wind which came and blew across the surface, playing with the Fire Deva until all was mediated. The Deva of Water and Rain formed and collected in the skies and fell to earth.

Great clouds of steam issued forth from the surface, the skies were enlivened and heavy with its presence, and across the surface the Wind Deva began to cool, carve, and chisel away at the crust of the planet. It created pools and eddies, lakes and streams, and bigger bodies which we know as oceans.

With each successive change, a new Deva or impulse came forth until, like a procession, did the Earth receive the new hosts, each Deva bringing with it a variation of life ever present in the divine potential.

The Earth prepared itself to receive and serve the thought of a man and a woman. The Earth would be their temple and guardian; the heavens would be their guide and vision. Humans affirmed the link between the infinite spirit and the totality of matter. They related from the highest spiritual planes to the most concrete levels of form.

The Earth was for humanity to enshrine, to make holy, to blend their unique qualities and work as a family in cooperation with the Devas, the spiritual stewards of the planet.”

  • Well, what do you think? How does that make you feel? What does it make you want to do here on Earth? Please feel free to comment below!