Feel Younger with Childlike Wonder

I’d like to share a little story with you.

Last year I took a training with John Friend in Sarasota, Florida. One of the days I spent my lunch break swimming in the calm, clear, lusciously blue Atlantic Ocean. It was one of those picture perfect, blue sky experiences that make you so grateful to be alive.

While I played in the push and pull of the gentle waves, marveling at the expanse of ocean and the spaciousness of sky, a pelican glided down to rest on the water not far from me. I don’t know if you’ve seen a pelican fly before, but they are so totally graceful in the air with their wide wingspan. This pelican and I shared long minutes regarding each other before it took to the sky again.

When I returned to the afternoon session of the training I was beaming. I felt so energized, and so excited to be alive. Part of it was the energy of the sun and the rocking love of the ocean. Yet I think the magic of the feeling was the deep appreciation I had for what I had experienced. I had played in the perspective of childlike wonder, and my whole being – body, mind and heart – was delighting in it.

When you’re feeling down, changing your attitude is as simple as changing your perspective. Find beauty and appreciate it with such innocence that you return to the innocence that has, and will always be, who you are in your heart.

Your mini-practice today, and for as long as you’d like to extend it, is to bring magic and vitality into your life by shifting your perspective. Honor the child within – no matter how many years of experience you have, there is a child within. Feel younger by being playful and curious. Marvel at the beauty life offers you.

Appreciate things deeply. Approach life from a perspective of childlike wonder.

Sunshine smiles,

Katrina Ariel

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