Express Yourself

Who are you? What is your deepest truth?

We each bring unique talents and gifts to the world, yet to truly express these sacred offerings and live fully aligned with your highest self, awareness is needed.

The following exercise is extraordinarily empowering and uplifting.

Have fun with it. Keep in mind that this is a thing of the moment, so change is welcome and limitations illusionary.

Make a declaration of who you are, what your unique gifts are, and who you are becoming.

I’ll start you off with my own truth and offerings…

I am: A student and teacher, yogini, free spirit and childlike star of gladness, writer, singer, musician, artist, computer savvy connecter of empowering ideas, dancer, snowboarder and fire spinner, lover of all things beautiful, daughter of Earth and child of God, expression of divinity and weaver of wisdom…

My unique talents and gifts to the world are: My smile, my free spirit example of being wildly and joyfully free while giving yourself and others permission to do the same, using my creative abilities to inspire and empower, singing to the heart, skillfully guiding others to live their yoga (union), reconnect with wisdom, and align with Grace, deeply loving nature, compassion, empathy, generosity, an open mind and joyful heart…

I am becoming: A humble, unlimited sage of loving consciousness, delightfully devoted to the awakening of the world.

Express your truth here to inspire and encourage others, AND save your response on your own machine and print it out. Reading this each day can be enormously empowering.

Make a declaration of:
  • who you are
  • what your unique gifts are
  • and who you are becoming.

Leave a comment below to participate in this powerful exercise!

10 thoughts on “Express Yourself

  1. I am love, kindness, strength, compassion, seeker of knowledge, devoted to God and my truest nature, joy and a laughter, a person who suffers but tries to find an open window.

    My unique talents and gifts to the world are: my voice and expression of my spirit in any shape and form, my ability to inspire others to shine their light, my constant search for the glass half full, my ability to see the connection in all things and beings, and my acceptance for the evolution of all that I am becoming.

    I am becoming: All that I am. (listed above). I am becoming able to see when I am wrong or have made judgement or have reacted to something. I am becoming able to accept those things I am unable to change. I am becoming able to Let go.

  2. I am strong, free, and spiritual. I am a daughter, auntie, sister, wife and hopefully one day a mother.
    My unique gifts and talents to the world are
    I am becoming….. to be continued.

  3. Post Author Katrina Ariel

    I love it! Yes – just get yourself started thinking… Looking at the brightest parts of yourself… Giving voice to the yearnings of your soul!

    You can always change, edit, revise. Just recognize Who You Are now, and the direction you are choosing in this moment.

    By choosing to bravely share your truth here, you inspire others!


  4. I am a beautiful mother, a provider, a strong wife, a gifted teacher, a creative lady and a caring being to this planet and all its treasures
    My unique gift is to care about each person and accept their place and uniquenes unconditionally
    I am becoming a stronger person learning to let go of disappointments and worry. I am working on seeing my pain rather than attaching to it. I will continue to work on being strong and brave

  5. I am a happy wanderer, open to where the universe brings me, conscious of cycles and change

    My unique gifts to the world are patience and charity, the ability to listen, a desire to understand

    I am becoming more connected to my heart, more comfortable with my Voice, more confident in my abilities, less worried about where i end up, less attached to results and more attuned to processes

  6. I am stripped of all that was. All that was familiar, planned and relied upon is gone. Resistance slowed the process but it was inevitable. By virtue of the Kundalini I have been re-invented to serve the Divine. I seek to see love and compassion in all that is. I surrender to all that is.

  7. Post Author Katrina Ariel


    You’re all speaking right to my heart! Bright light pours fourth.

    Thank you!

  8. i am everything…

    my unique gifts and talents are many, waiting to be called on by universal will…

    i am becoming a more enlightened being…

  9. I am delightful, I am embracing a life of carefreeness,

    I am living loud but soft at the same time,

    I am nurturing me and I am nurturing others

    I am expressing through words,& actions, some soft & some loud

    I am on a journey and I am trusting & embracing & sharing God’s love on this journey

    I am thankful

  10. Beautiful! I love it. 🙂 @Sharleen

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