An Evening of Earth Love: Meditation, Music, and Mantra

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd, and we’ll be gathering to celebrate it in a very special Music, Mantra and Meditation night.

Details: Music, Mantra, and Meditation Gathering for the Earth (on a Waning Moon)

Friday April 22nd
7:00-9:00 pm
Let’s Move Studio in Kamloops, BC
By Donation (Suggested donation is $15, but please just give what you can)

The Earth Celebration will include:

  • Diving into DEEP Peace. Om Shanti mantra meditation
  • Guided Earth Healing meditation
  • Ocean Blessing
  • Drumming (Bring your drums, rattles and shakers!)
  • Singing by Katrina and with the group

Smudging and Sacred Space: There will be an opportunity for you to be smudged in the cleansing powers of Sage when you arrive, and we will be opening Sacred Space in the tradition of Peruvian Incan Shamanism.

My friend, the Smokey QuartzCrystals: I will also be bringing out the BIG Crystals to lend their grounding and loving healing energies, so please feel free to bring your own crystals if you have any that would like to come out to play.

These Gatherings Feel Great!

The feedback and glowing smiles from participants of the last two Gatherings have been warm and so special. You are sure to be transported to a blissful heart space and centeredness.

Remember, your contribution during these meditations and mantra nights makes a big difference as our energies ripple out to the world. Not only does it feel amazing to be a part of these gatherings, but you are also doing a great service for the Earth!

This may be the last Music, Mantra and Meditation gathering for a while, so it would be wonderful to have you be a part of it!