Earth Yoga Tree Play: Nature’s Blessings (Video)

Part meditation, part inspiration, part invitation from the child within, this video is a beautiful practice of play.

When you give yourself permission to open up and go deep…
When you enter into pulsation with the beauty of nature…
Something great happens, and the source of creative power awakens the child within to PLAY!

Your play may be quiet, wild, still, or vast.

Know that your heart is always singing to you.
Respond to the call with delight!

Lila is divine play. It is the joyful expression of conscious, creative power as the infinite existence of all that is.

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6 thoughts on “Earth Yoga Tree Play: Nature’s Blessings (Video)

  1. I absolutely loved this video! I’ll definitely share it with my yogis on the facebook page! What a beautiful and playful spirit you have. Can’t wait for it to warm up here so I can do the same! : )

  2. Thanks! The footage is from last summer, by a stream deep in the forest of the Kootenay mountains in BC, Canada. So glad you enjoyed the tree play. 🙂

  3. Thank you Kat, tree spirit soul sister! I so enjoyed the play…I’m on my way outside to do something of the same, cep’t I’ve my snowpants on and imagine myself honoring our Earth Mother by laying down and rolling around…Blessings to you KAt for keeping it light, so important in these here times…Mama Gaia and our friends in Japan be thankful for your blessing today KAt. May our love ripple out in ALL ways~~~~~~~~~~
    love dee 🙂

  4. May love ripple out in layers of light. Yes, Dee, yes.

    I love trees. When I send love into a tree I imagine it being shared through the earth via roots and through the air via branches and leaves, lighting up the hearts of all trees and plants on the planet.

    Sweet mama earth, Pachamama ma, may we be in harmonious relationship with you.

    Blessings of love, strength, and light to all who are riding these transitions and feeling the labor pains of the planet.

  5. forrest stokstad

    This was beautiful, it encourages one to go to the woods and do your stuff like buddha in the deep jungle meditating and in peace and bliss and nirvana. I’m not quite a yogi yet, I do tai chi out there.
    Its a concept I haven’t realized fully – a day trip to the woods.
    Thank you
    May the gods bless you in every way abundantly. Did I mention the goddesses too?

  6. Thanks Forrest. Tai Chi is a wonderful thing to do in the woods! Anything that helps us connect to the energy that flows through everything is great, and our practices – whatever they are – are an offering of beauty back out to the beauty that surrounds us.
    Blessings to you as well!!!

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