What Exactly IS a Dragon Rider?

You might be wondering why my new book is called Yoga for Dragon Riders.

I mean, what IS a Dragon Rider anyway?

Good question. I’ve put together this short video for you to help explain:

In the context of my book, a Dragon Rider is one who lives life fully, walking their own path with integrity, honour, and skill; one who discovers what it is to have balance between the essential elements of love, power, and wisdom.

A Dragon Rider is one who connects with the power of life and the spirit of dreams — one who explores on many planes of existence, with one foot in this world and one in the next.

A Dragon Rider goes beyond limiting ideas to explore who they are, with creativity and delight; contributing their own unique talents to help uplift the world.

This approach to yoga invites you to find your own path and creative expression, guided by principles and practices that are effective and empowering, playful and profound.

We can use the word Rider, or we can use the word Yogi, or perhaps the title Master-in-Training. Whatever you prefer is fine.

I like the word Rider because the idea of riding a Dragon infuses a sense of power and destiny that calls the imagination to awaken and participate more fully in your experience of life. This image invokes and magnifies the delight of creativity and therefore the force of transformation.

I also often compare life to an ocean, and we are constantly riding the waves of life.

To ride skillfully, or to surf these waves, requires proficiency and willingness. When you have both, you can find beauty and benefit both in the low times and the high times and can balance yourself wherever you are and whatever you experience.

To be a Rider (to live your yoga) is to realize that the energy that pulsates within your blood and breath is the same energy that moves the waves and is the water.

This energy is all of life, all of what you see and do not see.

And it is sentient. Aware of itself and limitless in power and possibility.

To be a Dragon Rider is to align with this energy, with love and respect: To spread your wings and fly upon the current of Grace.

Stay tuned for my next video on the Chinese New Year! We’re about to enter the Year of the Dragon, and this book, Yoga for Dragon Riders, offers you many tools for 2012 and beyond!


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  1. Very useful image! Thanks for explaining it.

  2. So glad you found it helpful!@Christine

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