Do Over

Handstands on the roof - playing in the moment.
Handstands on the roof - playing in the moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life had an “undo” button? A chance to re-do certain things, re-phrase certain words, or re-think certain thoughts?

Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves that mistakes turn into bigger monsters than necessary. Often small inconveniences morph into huge frustrations because we dwell on them.

But here’s the thing: Every single moment in life is fresh.

There is an opportunity in each trip-up. Mistakes, annoyances, and even tragedies come into our lives offering gifts. You can turn even the most sour experience into growth and bloom. Transformation awaits your willingness.

Last night I was at a party with an ecclectic mix of people. We were all sitting on the floor around a low table covered with food.

The conversations ranged from ethical debates to the totally wide difference in the way people conceive the world. For instance, one interesting guy uses calculus in every day life as a way to understand the way shadows move, or the way airplanes rise. To him, that math is one way he interacts with the world, even though it’s totally irrelevant to me.

At the party there was a fedora hat resting upside down on the floor. In it were little pieces of paper of varying size. I reached in, let my hand find one, pulled it out, read it and laughed!

“The sun is new each day.”

That was my dose of wisdom on a little scrap of paper; my bohemian fortune cookie message for the night.

This message is so relevant, personally and on all other levels. The cycles of life are in constant motion. Every breath brings a new moment, and every moment brings a new NOW.

By shifting your perception or concept of the world into the present you are more able to interact with what is truly important. By choosing to move on, and KEEP moving on with the freshness of the now, it’s like there is actually a “do over” button. Because you can re-think old thoughts and teach them new patterns. You can erase mistakes by taking their gifts and applying them with skill. You can smooth over frustrations and annoyances by simply being in the awareness that everything has its rightful place in the deep order of the universe.

And you can choose to re-create yourself in each breath.

So, when you think about it that way, the magic of the moment is infinite, and it reaches out to you with an invitation to make of it what you will.