The Diamond Center of Self

Have you felt your emotions and energy shift because of the vibes others are putting out? Sometimes this is uplifting, such as when you ride upon the excitement or happiness of another. Sometimes, however, it can be a struggle to not be brought down by a person who isn’t feeling their best.

What generally happens when we need to protect ourselves is we harden on the outside. We get defensive and tighten up. This outer tension can cause physical and emotional discomfort, and, more often than not, it is accompanied by less than optimal posture. When we contract like this, it is very difficult to stay centered, and we are less likely to be of service to others. Also, in this contracted state, we loose the expansive perspective that allows us to see what is really going on.

You know from your yoga practice that inner attitude and physical alignment make all the difference in the world. My teacher, John Friend, offers an inspired and effective approach to staying centered and strong, even when those around you aren’t. John uses an image that I really like, and which has been helpful for many others. (Actually, John teaches many approaches, but right now let’s look at this one…)

When you hear the word “diamond”, what do you think of? Abundance, beauty, splendor? Diamonds are of such high density. They are precise tools of focused strength, yet they sparkle spectacularly with light.

The method of Anusara Yoga®, which John Friend founded, teaches us to open first and foremost to our own divinity. When you draw in to the light which connects us all, you are able to be strong and choose what is life enhancing. You establish your center in your own power, and can stay balanced when others are not.

Mini-practice: Diamond Shaft of Light

Sit beautifully.

Settle gratefully into the earth through your pelvis.

Let your breath lift your radiant heart.

Invite the spaciousness within to expand.

Feel your breath delight in this inner freedom.

Allow yourself to be breathed, and

Connect to the universal aspect of yourself.

Now, imagine a diamond shaft of light at your center.

This diamond core is divinely powerful, protective, supportive.

This light brings your energy into perfect balance.

Feel its loving pulsation within, shining into every particle of you.

Sit for a while longer, and integrate the feeling of being totally centered in your diamond shaft of light.

It takes only a moment, a split second to reconnect with this potent energy within. Anytime you feel yourself contract or harden to outside influences, call on the diamond core of yourself. Be strong within so you can stay spacious in the moment.


Katrina Ariel

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