Denise Holden on Edible Flowers, the Rose, and Sage

flower saladThis post is from my dear friend, Dee Holden. She is a plant intuitive and a great person to learn from when it comes to all things green and good.

Connecting with Plants

Eating flowers is one of my favorite things to do in the Summertime. They share their healing vibrations with us when we eat them. The flowers of these plants are edible: alliums, bee balm, borage, calendula, cornflower, dandelion, johnny jump ups, lavender, lilac, nastursium, pansy, rosemary, wild roses, violets, squash blossoms and sooo sooo many more.

Remember to identify the flower exactly and eat only edible flowers and edible parts of those flowers. Never harvest flowers growing by roadsides or flowers sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals.

Flower salads and calendula pancakes are yummy, healing and certainly beautiful, yet there are also ways to experience the healing effects of the whole plant: heart, body, soul and spirit.

I have been getting to know certain plants on these deep levels, apprenticing with Pam Montgomery and the vastly intelligent natural world itself, my first teacher. These plants I build relationships with, look upon with wonder and adorn with appreciation via all of my senses become plant allies who live inside of me, like an internal energetic tool kit. I can call upon my allies in times of need, for my own personal healing and during in-person or distance healing sessions for others.

“A Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner works with the energy anatomy to reach core issues of disease: going beyond symptomatic treatment to effect lasting change. In this whole person approach, Plant Spirit Allies are called upon to re pattern discordant energy bringing healing to heart, body, soul and spirit.” ~Pam Montgomery~

Rose is a heart plant, one of my allies, her vibratory essence is often transmitted during Plant Spirit Healing sessions. Like a loving Grandmother, Rose will always unconditionally receive us, wrapping us in her loving arms, nurturing our disappointments and mending our broken hearts. Wild Rose is a remedy for apathy. She helps us when we feel like giving up. Wild Rose is good medicine for these times of planetary upheaval when we feel we haven’t the power to affect change, when we fear our actions may not be enough. If at times, all we can do is be kind to ourselves and recognize ourselves as a mini environment, a microcosm and a reflection of our larger Planet Earth, these healing vibrations of care will find their way, they will ripple out.

Sage is another ally whose healing gifts are invaluable. Smudging with Sage is a Native American practice for cleansing and purification of space, be it a physical space like a home or the energy field surrounding oneself. The smoke of the burning sage attaches to and helps us to give negative energy away, releasing it to another space where it can be transformed into it’s positive form. One of my mentors says that “we do not smudge to purify ourselves but to remind ourselves that we are already PURE”. Buy sage smudge sticks at herb shops and natural food stores or better yet harvest your own sage and make your own.

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