A Deeply Satisfying Life

enlightenmentThe following short thoughts I found upon opening the latest book I’m reading. I think they sum up the quest and reality of who we are as human beings in a beautiful and motivating way.

To me, yoga is the path and guide and community that helps me see clearly the way of my mission in the here and now.

May this poetic and powerful composition give you insight into yourself…

“What is a deeply satisfying human life

And how do we design one?

How do we share that information with each other?

What are we here to do together,

And what are we truly capable of

In the realm of human excellence?

The answers to these questions

Are not mysteries beyond our reach.

Fulfillment of the promise

Of our soul’s nature is possible.

It is why we are here. It is our birthright.

The answers are found in the inner frontiers of Being.”

~ Lenedra J. Carroll

The Architecture of All Abundance

The book I’m reading is called The Millionaire Course, by Marc Allen, and is a wonderfully balanced book in that it calls in the WHOLE being in the persuit of excellence.

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3 thoughts on “A Deeply Satisfying Life

  1. Sitting in the Vancouver airport- contemplating this as I wait to reunite with my Arizona kula. Deeply satisfying- love that term! over the years I have learned that one of my barriers to creating a deeply satisfying life was giving myself the time to process/think/wonder/feel. How can we embrace a concept like deeply satifying if we are afraid/don’t give ourselves the chance to look at life now! As values become clearer our actions can fall into place. And a presence can emerge that introduces others to new possibilities. Time to think, evolution of personal choices, leading by example. It starts with one!

  2. These are excellent contemplations – thanks for sharing! For sure, honoring the self with time to evolve and express is truly an important part of life. It starts with you!

  3. Living a life where my thoughts and feelings can harmonize to the knowledge of my wonderful birthright and then even further to the wonderful experience of this blessed birthright daily. And then even further to share this wonderful experience with those around me.

    Sending warm blessed hugs and prayers your way today Katrina

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