Creating a Feeling of Freedom

To all of us, freedom is something that is of the highest importance. We each want to feel sovereign to ourselves, able to choose what is best for our own lives and act accordingly.

But for so many people that liberation is blocked by feelings of scarcity (not enough time/money, etc.), or by very real obligations that seem to get in the way of you feeling truly free.

The key is to create freedom within.

In the words of the great Bob Marley, “None but ourselves can free our minds.”

And once you have found freedom within, that feeling informs the rest of your life–no matter what you are doing in the outside world.


Sit tall and comfortably, letting go of any tension in your face.

Take three slow, deep breaths: in through your nose, and out your mouth.

Feel the Earth below you, supporting you and sending you tremendous love.

Now, bring your focus to your heart.

Feel the rise and fall of your chest as your breath moves.

Your heart center calls you back to your true, divine self.

Remember who you truly are: a child of the Universe, infinitely loved. Take a moment to acknowledge that you are a bright, beautiful spirit!

Keep breathing deeply, bringing your awareness now to your third eye.

Imagine the purest light in the center of your head, even with your brow.

This light bathes your pineal gland and helps to clear your mind.

Take three (or more) slow, steady breaths, allowing this light to literally free your mind and align your mental energy with your heart energy.

As you feel this alignment and the light of your mind and heart come into harmony, bring that beam of light down into your root chakra at the base of your pelvic floor. This aligns your mind, heart, and body, bringing forth the light of your true self into the manifest world.

Take as long as you need, making sure you feel grounded and at ease.

To the freedom of us all!


P.S. Music often creates a feeling of freedom without you having to work at it (isn’t that great?!) Check out my mantra album, which so many people have said makes them feel uplifted, peaceful, and free.