Is Committing to Early Morning Exercise in Kamloops Worth It?

Are you looking for a positive change in your life? Whether you are the type who needs a little extra motivation to get exercising, a casual exerciser, or even a star veteran.

Early morning exercise can help you in many ways. You are about to learn the benefits of early morning exercise in detail.

Be More Productive Throughout the Day

Early morning exercise will get your brain juices flowing.

In some cases, increased mental activity was recorded for up to 10 hours following completion of exercise in controlled lab studies. So around 4:00 pm when everyone is tired from working, you will still be alert.

This means that you will be able to accomplish more in less time during your work day, whether it’s getting the kids out of the door or taking charge at the office.

Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Getting a sweat on early wakes you up mentally, studies have shown that exercising early in the morning (let us take morning to mean anywhere from 5 – 9 am) has the additional benefit of waking up your metabolism! In some cases, elevated metabolism for periods of up to 24 hours were recorded.

This means that simply by being proactive in the morning, you will burn more calories throughout your entire day. Furthermore, am exercise tends to diminish your appetite throughout the day; therefore, you will be taking in less calories while burning more.

There’s no better recipe for healthy weight loss.

Regulate Your Sleep Rhythm

Once you make working out in the morning a habit, your body becomes accustomed to getting up at the same time each day; furthermore, it will begin to get you ready to wake up on time, which means that you will awake feeling fully energized and alert. The more you do it, the more enhanced the feeling becomes. As you regulate your circadian sleep cycles, the feeling of confusion upon arousal from sleep due to wildly changing sleep times will vanish!

Lastly, by exercising early in the morning, you avoid the PM adrenalin rush that keeps PM exercisers from sleeping as well as they would otherwise. You will sleep better, wake up earlier, and feel better over the entire course of the day.

Build a Healthy, Consistent Exercise Routine

Studies have shown that 90% of those who exercise regularly (read: more than three times a week) are AM exercisers. Something about having an established morning routine encourages people to stick with it. The odds are in your favor for creating responsible exercise habits if you should choose to get your workout on early.

Learn to Motivate Yourself

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from creating a plan, following it, and achieving your goals. By exercising early in the morning, you will strengthen your mental resolve as long as you keep at it.

Imagine being completely done with the day’s exercise before 7 am! The feeling of self empowerment that comes from being disciplined in your routine will bring mental strength into other areas of your life as well.

Achieve All the Above and More with Yoga Boot Camp for Women

So, is committing to early morning exercise really worth it?

Of course!

If you still aren’t convinced, enroll for the next Yoga Boot Camp in Kamloops with Katrina.

She can teach you everything you need to know to make an early morning enjoyable, spiritual, and effective. And feel the difference in your body, mind, and soul.

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