Meditation: Bringing In The Love Light

Let me get straight to it; Light and Love are the two most powerful forces we can work with. With these frequencies of energy and our intention, we can transform anything.

Think of the term “Enlightened”. It literally speaks of being of the light, of embodying light. This is the goal of so many people and spiritual disciplines; to become an Enlightened One.

Yet often this seems an unattainable thing, especially living in this busy world. We don’t have time to go sit under a sacred tree for 40 days, or wander the desert, or retreat into a cave.

So how do we, as everyday people, become enlightened?

Practice bringing more light and love into your life. Practice living from the heart.

When I teach yoga, the goal of every single class is to bring you into your heart space. To guide you in a practice that helps you reconnect to who you truly are; a good person who is capable of feeling myriad emotions and experiencing a full spectrum of life.

You have the choice of what state you choose to be in most of the time. Sure, we ride waves of emotion and experience many things, but we can do so from a place of fear or separateness, or we can choose to feel from a place of love and a knowingness that everything is interconnected.

Bringing in light and love does not have to be complicated. In fact, you can practice it right now.

Mini-Meditation: Being the Love Light

Sit beautifully and take a deep breath.

Feel the Earth beneath you and take a few moments to connect to this nurturing planet that provides our every breath, all of our food, and the environment in which we live our lives.

Feel your breath move within like waves on an ocean.

Soften your face.

Now, focus on your heart center.

As you bring more awareness to your heart, bring yourself into the feeling of love.

If this feeling is elusive, imagine a time when you have felt great love and call that feeling in through the memory. You may envision yourself in nature, or with an animal or child or other situation that helps you remember what it feels like to love.

Coming into Gratitude is also an excellent way to bring yourself into a loving state of being.

Then, with each and every breath, invite this love to grow by feeding it with light.

Love and light are always within you, so this does not need to be a struggle. Simply envision or think of light and love growing more expansive and more powerful in your heart and entire body.

Once you feel full of this love light, you can play with it.

You have the ability to bring more light and love to this planet, simply by intending to do so.

It is helpful to establish a connection to Earth while doing light work. A common way to do this is to imagine a grounding cord (which can be golden or any other color that pleases you) connecting you from your root chakra at the base of your pelvis all the way to the center of the planet.

Once you feel steady in your grounded connection to Earth, it is up to you where to direct the energy.

You can send love light to a certain place, such as the Gulf of Mexico, or the Middle East.

You can direct it into the core of the Earth, or to the Redwood forests, or into the atmosphere.

You can even brighten every single drop of water on this planet, including that which is inside other beings, simply by intending to do so.

You can light up the whole planet and shine that light out into the heavens.

Truly there is no limit.

And you can do this without losing even the smallest bit of your own light. In fact, as you share it, it grows.

Take your time basking in this light, and sharing it however you are inspired.

When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your heart, reconnect to the heart of the Earth, and think of your own energy hugging close to you.

You can make this meditation 5 or 50 minutes – whatever length of time works for you. The important thing is that you come into a place of love, a sense of living from the light of the heart.

And every time you do, you enlighten yourself and the world around you!

The following video talks about 2012, which is a fascinating subject for many people. I like the speaker’s calm, loving approach. She speaks about the importance of simply living from the heart, from a place of love. That this is the only thing that matters.

Whatever the future holds in store for us, living from the heart and being in a state of love will absolutely make this world a better place. Thank you for your own contribution.

Your intention and focus in bringing in love and light makes a great deal of difference. More than you know.