A Boot Camp Pep Talk

I have some inspiration for you; a catalyst for change, if you will…

Every day you work out and do yoga it makes you stronger.

Each time you come to camp you can push a little harder, because you’re expanding your capacity.

This is how we change: Day by day.

It can happen quickly, but it still comes gradually, and with consistency.

I was just looking at some photos of me before I did a boot camp, which completely changed my attitude towards fitness. I noticed that my arms and thighs were a bit softer then and, well, bigger than they are now.

I’ve also noticed a huge change in the amount of strength and core awareness in my yoga practice and day to day life since then. I can rock out arm balances and other fun levitation type poses that were hard for me before boot camp.

If you’ve been coming to camp regularly, you’ve likely noticed a change in yourself.

Maybe you can do more push-ups or hold plank longer. Perhaps your clothes are fitting differently or you see more definition in your muscles.

So many people increase their self-confidence and feeling of self-worth as well when they come to camp and actually have FUN working out. They find that they can get strong and centered at the same time.

But sometimes it’s hard to keep coming.

I know it’s EARLY, but when do you work out otherwise?

If you’ve been struggling, take this to heart: a consistent practice creates change faster than anything else.

If you haven’t been coming to camp, or if you have lapsed in your fitness routine, I have good news for you…

You can change that TODAY!

We tend to get down on ourselves when we fall off track. But that doesn’t help you get back on.

Stop beating yourself up. It doesn’t help.

I know from experience, trust me. Me and self-punishment have a long history together, and you know what? Being hard on yourself doesn’t do a bit of good. So make a commitment with your heart and head to change the way you think about yourself. Bring more kindness into your inner voice.

So if you indulged in candy and chocolate this weekend, or if you haven’t been to boot camp or yoga class in a while, start by forgiving yourself right now.

Just laugh it off (life is a grand divine comedy anyway), and make a decision right now to change.

Make a commitment to workout – register for the yoga boot camp and follow through by showing up. Schedule yourself time for a yoga class in Kamloops and be sure that you go!

Sometimes we have the best intentions, which are very powerful, but they don’t actually get you very far unless you ACT on them.

So take ACTION! Set your intention and follow through.

  • Come to class and get strong.
  • Plan your meals and eat healthy.
  • Shift your thoughts and be sweet to yourself.

And, day by day, watch your body and your entire life change!

Watch this short video to hear about how Yoga Boot Camp changed the lives of these women:

See you in camp! (If you’re not registered for the next camp, click to sign up: Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp.)