My New Book… “Yoga For Dragon Riders”

Brightest blessings to you for 2012!

Very soon, on January 23rd, we will be entering the Year of the Dragon.

Which has a great deal to do with the book I’ve just written…

The book that only took 19 days from start to first draft…

“It is a transformational ROAR!”

Watch this video and learn about my new book, plus 3 things that can help you in 2012 and beyond!

So, yes, the book is called “Yoga for Dragon Riders”!

A Dragon with a sense of humour... And love of hot sauce. πŸ™‚ (Illustration by John Wohland - and, no, this isn't the cover of the book!)

It helps you let go of limiting beliefs by engaging your imagination and calling on the wisdom, power, and deep love of the Dragons.

It calls to you to transform into an even more beautiful version of yourself (though you’re absolutely wonderful as you are too!)

It invites you to live your purpose joyfully, skillfully, with high integrity and a heart full of contentment, peace, and delight.

It gives you ways to connect deeply, wield energy and light, and play within embodiment.

This ‘Divine Download’ (my book) came out in 19 days so that it could be here for you NOW. This information brings together many aspects of what I have learned and applied in my own life.

It is told through the perspective of a Master Dragon Rider, and is a Training Manual for aspiring Dragon Riders.

Whether you want to think of your Dragon as a real entity of light and love, as Shakti, the creative power of the Universe, or just as a dance on your mat, this book is for you.

It is a great treasure of tools you can use to enjoy your own life more fully even as you contribute brightly to the new age that is dawning on our beloved Earth.

I hope you LOVE it. πŸ™‚

When’s it coming out?

“Yoga for Dragon Riders” will be available digitally on starting January 23rd, the Chinese New Year and the first day of the Year of the Water Dragon.

The printed publication will be March 21st, Spring Equinox, which is a time of balance and blossoming, and a perfect time to invite new practices into your life.

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It is time for us to step into our power, in perfect harmony, with love, and wisdom.

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6 thoughts on “My New Book… “Yoga For Dragon Riders”

  1. Your excitement transferred to me via your video. Can’t wait to see what the book can do for me and others!

  2. Looking forward to the book with great anticipation. Your creative gifts are so beautifully expressed on Yoga with Katrina. If this is the prelude, I can only imagine what a special book it will be!

  3. Oh wonderful! So glad you could feel the excitement. I’m glad to be joining my incredibly talented parents as an author.@Christine

  4. Thanks Jerri! It is a special book, for a vast number of very special people – like YOU! πŸ™‚@jerri

  5. Wonderful video Katrina….I look forward to the book…love and light Val

  6. Thank you Val! Me too. πŸ™‚

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