In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is one who seeks enlightenment for all beings, not just for him or herself. The wisdom of this choice is tremendous. It comes from an understanding that since all of us are connected, the true freedom we each seek can only be fully realized if ALL beings awaken.

Seeking enlightenment, or total wakefulness, for yourself is important. It gives you the calm, compassionate, centered perspective from which you can experience peace no matter what the situation. As you become more aware of the interconnectedness of all life, you naturally want to uplift others. There is an inner yearning, a divine desire to offer your efforts in service of the greater good.

Chances are, you already know this, and you already feel a deep desire to help the world find balance. My question to you is, what do you do to contribute? As you answer this question, honor yourself for every effort. Every thought of peace makes a difference. Every kind word shifts the course of time. Each donation of time, money, support, work – it all adds up!

My next question for you is this: can you envision paradise? Can you see a world where all people live in dignity, with enough food, quality education, and caring communities? Can you reach into the slums of Africa with your mind and see the faces of happy children with healthy families? Can you imagine this good earth respected and thriving? I believe you can.

My suggestion to you, Bodhisattva that you are, is to visualize this each day. If your mind doesn’t do images particularly well, go with words. Say something similar to the following words out loud, and do it on a regular basis. Call upon the power of Grace, and weave the world you want to manifest. Together we gather the energies of life and form this reality with our intention!

“Thank you, spirit, for the gentle transformation of this world.

May we shift, collectively, into awakening and delight.

May this planet, and all who live here, exist in harmony and balance.

May all beings live in peace, joy, love, and light.”

Feel free to elaborate on these phrases, and send your blessings out with love.

Be grateful, dear friend, for together we are changing the world!

Katrina Ariel


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